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WORLD NEWS First EditOne desk delivered J ackshoot, one of Europe’s leading online broadcast service- providers, has taken delivery of the first Custom Consoles EditOne desk. Installed at Jackshoot’s UK headquarters, the EditOne is being used as a live control station for switching, editing and monitoring live programme content immediately prior to live internet-based transmission. “The EditOne desk is brilliant,” comments Jackshoot’s director and co- founder Simon Haywood. “It is highly robust, the ergonomics are excellent and the styling blends in well with a modern broadcast operations environment. Our EditOne desk is configured for simultaneous use by two operators. It accommodates an SDI patching matrix, monitor displays, live broadcast encoders, an Apple post-production system running Final Cut Pro with live editing facilities, hard disk drives and main- plus-redundant power supplies. The equipment is installed in the rear-access bay below the main work surface and in the auxiliary pedestal.” 15 th channel-in-a-box broadcast playout server installed S TN Slovenia has chosen PlayBox Technology automated playout servers for the satellite teleport at its headquarters in Ljubljana. A total of 15 systems have been installed in an ongoing project, each configured for remote operation by STN’s clients. “We operate a fully file-based global television playout service,” comments Tomaz Lovsin, Managing Director of STN. “We have been using PlayBox Technology channel- in-a-box systems successfully for over three years. Their modular structure gives us the ability to configure high-definition and standard-definition systems matching the specific requirements requested by our clients, including optional primary and secondary channels. The user interface is straightforward and logical right across the PlayBox Technology system, which makes staff training very easy. Each channel is fully self-contained and structurally compact, just one rack unit, which makes expansion very easy both to accommodate extra channels or to deliver additional features to existing clients.” Beijing Film Academy chooses Pablo Rio for S3D animation C hina’s highly prestigious Beijing Film Academy has purchased a Quantel Pablo Rio color correction and finishing system with a Neo Nano colour panel. The turnkey system will be used by the school’s animation department for the post- production of Stereo3D animation films. Beijing Film Academy has also purchased SynthIA, Quantel’s standalone software package that provides high quality S3D Interaxial adjustment in post. Pablo Rio is Quantel’s high-quality colour and finishing system that provides the ultimate productive workflow for 2D and S3D projects. Capable of handling 4K 60p in realtime, Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver true interactivity and maximum productivity. 12 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013