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NOW WITH AND Introducing HyperDeck Studio, the broadcast deck that uses solid state disks! Now you can get the incredible quality broadcast deck that records and plays using low cost solid state disks. HyperDeck Studio works like a regular broadcast deck, and supports dual disk slots so the moment one disk is full, recording can continue to the next disk! That’s unlimited recording! HyperDeck Studio supports 10 bit uncompressed as well as compressed DNxHD ™ and ProRes ™ recording so you can simply mount the disks and edit media directly without any file copying! HyperDeck Studio is perfect for live production, instant replays and disk server use! Simply plug in a fast 2.5” solid state disk into HyperDeck Studio and start recording! SSD’s are used in desktop and laptop computers so prices are constantly falling while sizes are getting bigger! Plug the SSD into your computer and the disk will mount right on your computer’s desktop! Files are stored in standard QuickTime or MXF file formats so you can use the media in Mac ™ , Windows ™ and Linux software! Use Cameras, Switchers and Monitors Absolute Perfect Quality HyperDeck Studio works with both compressed and perfect quality uncompressed video. You can select between 10 bit ProRes, DNxHD MXF, DNxHD QuickTime ™ and 10 bit uncompressed QuickTime recording and playback. With uncompressed you get a mathematically perfect “clone” recording between capture and playback so you can always trust your recording because there is absolutely no higher quality possible! With SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, HyperDeck Studio works with virtually every camera, switcher or monitor! Plug into televisions or video projectors for instant on set preview or get exciting live action replay with ATEM production switchers. Even use it for digital signage. Just press play twice for loop playback! Imagine using pristine broadcast quality 10 bit recording on your next live event! HyperDeck Studio Familiar Broadcast Deck Design! HyperDeck Studio has a familiar broadcast deck style design with transport buttons, jog/shuttle knob, deck control port and built in LCD! You get unlimited duration recordings because HyperDeck Studio includes dual SSD slots, so when recording, if your disk fills, it will automatically continue recording to the other disk. *SRP is Exclusive of VAT Solid State Disk (SSD) Recording 655 * £ Learn more today at