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Do these cameras have any off-speed recording capabilities? We are of course working on this one. If there will be any variable frame rate, it will be stepped. It won’t be like the old VariCam where you could crank it right up. While we’re on this transmission here – we’re being recorded by remote camera heads. Still an important part of your business? It’s probably one of our fastest growing areas. Currently we’re sat here being looked at by our HE120 PTZ camera. To give you an idea, this is probably about 180% growth on last year, multi camera for us is a big area. We’ve launched more kit, more switchers and mixers for people to look at. Everyone’s buzzing about 4K. Where’s Panasonic with 4K? We have investigated it for a while, because if you look at the 4K area at the moment there are quite a lot of offerings about 4K. Some are true 4K, some are maybe not so true. We have a legacy, which is the VariCam. So we’re now in that process of building and designing two VariCams – the first one will be launched at NAB and we’ll probably see a working production unit in maybe October next year. That will be very similar to the VariCam that people have known in the past – shoulder mounted, something to take out of the box and get out there to shoot. Panasonic AJ-HPX270 Then there is the 4K VariCam which is taking a little bit more work because we want to get it right. If we’re going to bring out a 4K camera and put our VariCam logo on there – it needs to offer something special to the industry because that’s where we did very well. VariCam is different. It offered film look, variable frame rates and was all progressive. So we’ve got to take that legacy and get that into what will be the ideal follow on from VariCam. WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMISSION SOLUTIONS +44 (0)845 094 0739 • • TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 82 OCTOBER 2013 | 55