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IBC2013 round up by Will Strauss F rom a handheld stabilized camera gimbal to an egg-shaped QC booth, IBC2013 was awash with new, and often strangely shaped, innovations. Will Strauss picks his favourites. Dear Reader. I have a confession. I did not visit every single one of the many hundreds of stands at IBC this year. In fact, I didn’t even visit all 11 halls within the RAI. And I didn’t talk to all 52,974 attendees. I was there. I have the stroopwafels to prove it. It’s just that IBC is a massive show. And I am only one man. So, while this IBC round up is hopefully interesting and enlightening, it is far from comprehensive. Right then, with that out of the way, here are the 10 innovations that either caught my eye - or I heard good things about - during my time in Amsterdam (13-17 September 2013). Flanders Scientific - 50inch CM500TD monitor ARRI - AMIRA documentary camera The anticipated 4K camera from ARRI never materialized (well not in public anyway) but the current daddy of digital camera manufacturers did unveil something interesting. AMIRA is a documentary-style camera that combines the usual ARRI high image quality with an “affordable” (their words, not mine) CFast 2.0 workflow. The ergonomic design is optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. As the marketing bumpf will tell you, it is also “ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag” and features in-camera grading with preloaded looks based on 3D LUTs, as well as 200 fps slow motion. There were loads of excellent monitors on show at IBC but this one came highly recommended by a man who knows his stuff, so please go with it. The CM500TD is a 50-inch multi- format reference monitor for critical colour evaluation with 3G/dual-link/ HD/SD-SDI, component, composite and DVI-I inputs. Featuring full 12- bit video processing and a 10-bit panel capable of reproducing over 1.073 billion colors on screen, it is also equipped with a passive circular polarizer and in-monitor multiplexing allowing for “easy and affordable” 3D monitoring (in addition to its 2D modes). Importantly, it offers support for virtually any signal format. Calrec - Callisto audio console Watch the interview from IBC here To all intents and purposes this is a broadcast console for smaller OB trucks. Control is via a 17-inch multi-touch screen and a straightforward interface that accepts established finger gestures. Using Bluefin2 technology gives Callisto a pool of 180 channel processing paths, eight groups, four mains, 16 auxes, and 32 tracks. A Hydra2 router core provides Callisto with the same integral 8192 x 8192 as the larger Apollo and Artemis consoles. Freefly - MōVI M10 handheld stabilized camera gimbal Built using technology that was originally developed for flying devices, Freefly’s MōVI M10 is a handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that uses what they call ‘active stabilization’ (unlike, say, Steadicam that uses passive stabilization). Capable of carrying up to 10lbs of camera (eg a Red Epic) its key feature is the Majestic Mode. This sees the gimbal take the operator’s motion and convert it into stabilized pan and tilt movements, allowing for very low profile single operator setup and accurate framing in tight situations. 36 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 82 OCTOBER 2013