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WORLD NEWS DANIEL is released Cinegy announced the release of its Digital ANImation Encoder Library (DANIEL) codec to the public at IBC. Feature-rich DK T7 Audio Meter A t IBC DK-Technologies unveiled the DK T7 a high precision, multi touch interface Audio and Loudness meter that gives broadcasters more integral features and functionality than any other audio meter on the market. The DK T7 incorporates as standard every Audio and Loudness meter function currently offered by the award winning DK Meter range. These functions include Bargraphs, Moving Coil Emulation, DK-Technologies proprietary StarFish and JellyFish display technology, FFT spectrum analysis and, of course, industry compliant Loudness and Logging. The DANIEL codec is primarily aimed at providing a reliable, scalable and performance optimized codec for the use of video with alpha channel. Common usage includes animations rendered with alpha channel, to be superimposed on live picture or mixed with the output of a video server. The new DK T7 also includes 3G SDI Picture Preview, as well as the ability to read and log against SMPTE time-code a feature that has only recently been added to the DK Meter range. TV 1 6/26/2013 7:23:41 PM TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 82 OCTOBER 2013 | 29