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WORLD NEWS Minister and broadcasters to address UK TV training conference T he ITTP have arranged a UK TV Training Conference on 27 th January 2014 at Pinewood Studios. The conference will be addressed by Matthew Hancock MP, Minister for Skills and Industry, who is going to speak about the academic emphasis in university courses specifically to promote high-level vocational training needed now in British television. The conference will discuss how training can be developed to reflect the urgent needs of the fast expanding British creative industries. The conference is bringing Broadcast decision makers together with training providers of TV production and craft skills to develop training in the media industry. The ambition is to create a conference where universities and colleges can meet together to get a greater understanding of what needs to be taught in the current creative climate so the UK does not fall behind world standards. Other speakers at the conference include Nick Ratliff, MD of Lion Television and Tony Clark, award- winning director and lecturer at E15. Past and current students will be in attendance to question and reflect on their experiences whilst training. The conference will deliver the opportunity to create a highly influential cohort of those who can advise the training organisations on the skills and skill levels required by media organisations now. Subsequent to the conference, the ITTP group will be able to work with the providers of training in television production to help them develop their courses further. For more information and registration please visit MTF SERVICES LTD. LENSADAPTOR.COM 020 8881 7850 INFO@MTFSERVICES.COM NIKON LENSES? THE B4 2/3” RANGE OUR AWARD-WINNING ADAPTORS FOR NIKON LENSES INCLUDE OUR PATENTED STOPLESS APERTURE CONTROL, GIVING YOU DECLICKED LENSES FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST OF A CONVERSION. USE YOUR B4 LENSES ON CAMERAS SUCH AS THE ARRI ALEXA, RED EPIC CANON C300 AND 1D C SONY F5 AND FS-700 AND ALL THE CAMERAS BY BLACKMAGIC. JUST GOT A BLACKMAGIC? YOUʼVE JUST RECEIVED YOUR BRAND NEW BLACKMAGIC CAMERA. THE QUESTION IS: WHAT LENSES SHOULD YOU USE? NIKON, CANON EF, CANON FD B4 2/3” AND PL. ITʼS UP TO YOU. VISIT OUR SITE FOR THE WIDE RANGE OF CAMERA MOUNTS. MTF SERVICES LTD. ARE PROUD TO INTRODUCE... MTF EFFECT 2 SMALLER. LIGHTER. EXTERNALLY POWERED. ELECTRONICALLY CONTROL EF-LENS APERTURE. VIEW F-STOP AND FOCAL LENGTH. SONY FZ, SONY E AND MICRO 4/3 MOUNTS. DESIGNED AND BUILT IN ENGLAND. AVAILABLE MID-OCTOBER 2013