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March 2013 RRSAT Partnership - In March we also further cemented our relationship with RRSAT, a leading provider of comprehensive digital content management and global distribution services. RRSAT now provides us with solutions for distributing live golf events to and from Asia and we, in turn, are their preferred supplier for European teleport and turnaround services. Dancing on Ice - Filmed at Elstree February 2013 4K trials - Having been exploring new 4K / ultra HD technology at base for some time we set up a field trial at a Premiership game back in February. This gave us the opportunity to investigate how 4K cameras might be best used in live sports settings as well as a chance to learn about the signal path and manipulation of 4K images within OB trucks. Studios ITV’s Dancing on Ice combines a wide variety of genres including sports, drama, entertainment, comedy and music, and so the TV coverage has to reflect this. The experience of our crews across multiple genres here makes us well suited to the delivery of this kind of show. Top Shop Model cam - Our special cameras and RF teams had an interesting experience rigging remote miniature cameras and RF transmitters into the handbags of models for use on Top Shop’s catwalk during London Fashion week. There were some interesting ‘ModelCam’ shots produced that day… and although Top Shop pushed really hard, I declined to model their new trunks! DriveForce hits the road for Sky Sports - Our product development team has been hard at work this year, developing our DriveForce roof mounted antenna. In February we integrated and launched 6 new uplink trucks featuring the system and these have been working with great success for Sky Sports News as well as other sports and news clients. on 5a us J1 e 7. se th o Take a fresh look at your archive bo T : +44(0)1489 88 99 30 Critical content management in news, sports & production TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 83