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WORLD NEWS r IBC Look out for ou this light test report of Shrinking the Minima portable LED light V 10.D29 Seamless roaming for wireless intercoms C lear-Com® has announced further enhancements to its Tempest Digital Wireless Intercoms at IBC2013. Included among the latest offerings is a new CCT-RT-EX Remote Line Extender for the Tempest CCT-RT transceiver as well as Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming features.  Being shown for the first time at IBC, the new Tempest CCT-RT-EX Remote Transceiver Line Extender is used to increase the maximum distance between a Tempest BaseStation and the Remote Antenna Transceiver. isios Minima 30 is a new, very bright continuous LED light source with variable colour temperature control. Despite drawing only 30W, it delivers four times the output of the original Minima unit. It will be introduced by Ianiro International at IBC2013 on stand 11.E32 and by Visio on stand 11.G45. Minima 30 builds on the success of the original model to deliver an excellent portable light source in an even smaller form factor than its aptly named predecessor. It can be mounted on-camera or on a stand for versatile location shooting: at 624 grams, it’s a go-anywhere light that delivers colour accurate illumination. With its meagre power draw and full colour temperature control, Minima 30 matches strong lighting performance with all-day running, making it suitable for ENG camera crews and event videographers. Minima 30 features multiple power options including a Sony NP series battery (the NP-750 provides 2.5 hours continuous shooting), D-tap cable and a 12v AC connection. 11.E32 & 11.G45 Data and executive discussion on industry strategy and valuation at IBC During IBC2013 in Amsterdam, the IABM will host the IABM Conference Session “Broadcast and Media Industry Strategy and Valuation,” presented by IABM Director General Peter White. Scheduled for 8am on Friday, Sept. 13, in the Emerald Room at the RAI, the hour-long session will provide an executive summary of the association’s extensive research into the state of the broadcast industry. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 81 SEPTEMBER 2013 New processing options for switcher family S nell have announced the IBC2013 debut of its Sirius 800 enterprise-class routing switchers with enhancements including guaranteed co-timing of multi- channel audio on all channels, single reference switching for all formats, numerous control-related updates, and a technology demonstration of a new audio and video fingerprinting solution. The Sirius 800 system on display will also feature frame synchronization on the units Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) input and output cards, an option that enables synchronization, clean switching, and independent routing and processing of audio and video signals with no restrictions on signal formats, timing, or number of audio channels. 7.J40 Automated tape digitisation Blue Lucy Media (BLM), a UK- based software development leader in the field of production workflow modernisation for IT environments, has announced that Hong Kong- based specialist video processing and content management service provider Yapku has doubled its tape ingest capacity to meet a huge spike in demand using Blue Lucy Medias flexible lease licensing model. Yapku is the fastest growing ingest and media logics service provider in South East Asia. An extended demand for tape ingest prompted Yapku to expand its use of Blue Lucy Medias (BLMs) lease licensing model for a period of six months.