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So what does one do? One uses After Effects, that’s what. This is another topic that’s been done to death (this guy goes into a bit more detail, for example), but the basic gist is you import your RAW file into After Effects, use their RAW plug-in for your basic colour correction, then export either a proxy or an almost lossless version to edit, depending on your preference. After doing my adjustments of the RAW file, which were mainly just making sure every shot had a similar colour temperature and that I lost minimal information, I chose to export ProRes 4444 files at full 2.5K resolution. Then we brought all of that into Premiere, locked the cut, and sent everything back into After Effects via Dynamic Link for final grading and effects (that way we could also pretty easily go back to the original RAW file if needed). Maybe we could have been more clever with proxy files, but the computer can handle editing those ProRes files and we liked having full- res stuff ready to go in every stage of the edit… just in case. Flexible Like you Read About It’s the flexibility of the image in post that really floored me. We wanted the ad to have a simple, documentary feel at first, then to lean towards a modern blockbuster. The idea was to suggest that there was a Michael Bay movie underneath. As the ad builds to its epic conclusion, the grade gets a bit more intense and we start throwing in the lens flares. Both the documentary and the blockbuster look were relatively simple, in the end, thanks to the immense amount of information contained in each RAW file. This little camera can’t match an Alexa or an F65 (or whatever’s out when you’re reading this), Blackmagic wouldn’t make that claim for a second, but it does give smaller budget productions the ability to stretch that budget a bit further. The Final Product: VFM-056W(P) Hi resolution view finder for DSLRs & camcorders The ever popular VFM-056W is a light, high performance viewfinder-monitor with high contrast, high resolution and wide viewing angle screen. Egonomic and easy to use, it's ideal for stills or video work and has comprehensive features. The VFM-056W is made of very lightweight magnesium alloy that rapidly dissipates heat and provides superior durability. Optional hood, case & protective screen available Ultra light weight magnesium alloy case Optimised wide viewing angle 5.6" 1280x800 screen with 1:1 pixel and multiple zoom and scan modes HD-SDI (in/out), HDMI, and 3 analogue inputs Focus Assist mode DC power from camera battery or via supplied mains adaptor Embedded audio display, analogue audio in/out, internal speaker Optional mounts for popular camcorder batteries VFM-056WP model adds 3G HD-SDI, Waveform/Vector display, and Luma level check. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013 | 75