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RTW Albis Technologies Stand: 14.560/561 O ver the last 10 years, Albis Technologies has established a proven track record for designing innovative IPTV and hybrid DVB set-top box (STB) solutions with the flexibility, customization, and quality critical for powering next-generation IPTV services - including linear TV, VOD, OTT, PVR, and 3D TV. With more than 600,000 STBs deployed worldwide, Albis Technologies supports a variety of pay-TV service providers, technology partners, and end users. At IBC2013, Albis Technologies will showcase a wide range of HD IPTV STBs, including its recently introduced SceneGate™ 9300, an HD DVB/IPTV STB featuring dual processing, 3D graphics, and 3D TV support to enable a next- generation end-user experience.  Stand: 8.D92 R TMD Stand: 2.C58 TW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, has introduced a new BLITS instrument option for its line of TM7 and TM9 TouchMonitors. Part of the SW20013 software license recently issued by the company, the BLITS instrument is designed to generate and analyze BLITS test signals. The new software license with this option is now shipping. T BLITS (Black & Lane’s Ident Tones for Surround) enables testing for channel allocation, level and phase of 5.1 surround signals. Developed in 2004 by Martin Black and Keith Lane at Londons Sky TV, this sequence has gained widespread adoption in international broadcasting. Previously the realm of only the largest enterprises, Mediaflex CI for content intelligence provides the ability to design workflows and use business analytics to derive valuable information. More than just automating processes, the use of analytics means that the system itself can make intelligent decisions based on business rules developed by the organisation, delivering huge productivity benefits. MD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, will use IBC 2013 to focus on the way that its Mediaflex platform offers a new, hands-on approach to developing workflows, not least to support the rapidly evolving multi-platform distribution environment in which content has to be prepared in a number of formats, resolutions and wrappers. Mediaflex CI is at the heart of FAST, the enterprise-wide file-based infrastructure now implemented at Irish national broadcaster RT, and is ready to transform service- oriented broadcast architectures worldwide. FAST and the TMD asset management and workflow engine is a finalist for the coveted IBC 2013 Innovation Award. The company will show LYNXdr and LYNXlocal at IBC2013. LYNXdr is a hosted disaster recovery service that allows global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations, and LYNXlocal is a simple extension to LYNX that operates locally as an appliance, caching cloud content and providing integration to specialized systems if needed. LYNXlocal is billed as a service element at a low monthly rate. The same intelligent decision- making makes Mediaflex CI a particularly powerful workflow engine in multi-platform delivery. Rules can be established which drive content through transcoding and transwrapping farms to automatically generate content which is quality assured and has the right metadata in the right places. Only by harnessing real productivity efficiencies through flexible automated workflows can broadcasters and content owners achieve the commercial targets necessary for multi-platform success. Front Porch Digital Stand: 7.D14 LYNX(SM) from Front Porch Digital is the industry’s first enterprise-scale cloud implementation of content storage management (CSM). LYNX delivers adaptable, on-demand scalability; reduces capital and operational costs; and revolutionizes the way media organizations manage assets. LYNX leverages the latest cloud and Web technologies to provide a range of networked and distributed solutions.  18 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013