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RAI Amsterdam EVENT NEWS Conference 12-17 September 2013 Conference 13-17 September 2013 Wohler NUGEN Audio Stand: 10.B10 Stand: 7.F07 A t IBC2013, NUGEN Audio will be displaying a range of industry-leading innovations for loudness correction that offer a smarter approach to complying with new loudness regulations whilst maintaining the quality of broadcast audio. An optional upgrade to the LMB loudness management and correction batch processor and a new multichannel monitoring tool introduce much requested ingest and playout functionality. Mosart Medialab AS Stand: 5.C28 The most powerful newscast automation GUI on the market has been further refined in the tools it offers for breaking news coverage. With Mosart® Newscast Automation 3.4, users can assign more advanced content sequences to shortcuts. Further functionality allows users to send such content directly to the studio walls. Mosart also has enhanced the drivers for CasperCG and ORAD graphics, as well as Studer audio (now using EmBER), and the automation system now supporting an unlimited number of video server channels. On the newsroom side, enhancements include support for Mosart commands in foreign MOS items and the ability to select the iNEWS interface as FTP or MOS. Artel Video Systems Stand: 2.A20 A t IBC2013, Artel Video Systems will showcase the latest advancements in the DigiLink video transport platform. On display will be the innovative DL4360x chassis with embedded signal routing, HD-SDI over IP, JPEG2000 compression with ASI encapsulation of HD-SDI, and Ethernet switching capabilities. In addition, the company will demonstrate its newly released multiport optical and electrical video I/O modules. With its complete set of transport and routing capabilities, Artel Video Systems continues its mission to simplify broadcast-quality video transport by providing the most cost effective, space and power efficient, and easiest to deploy solution for broadcast-quality video transport across direct fiber, IP, and managed optical networks. T he Wohler RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform™ provides a consolidated, seamless software architecture that combines intensive media processing capabilities, such as transcoding, standards conversion, audio processing, caption processing, and quality control, with highly intelligent content management fabric and workflow orchestration layers. Based on an extensible service- oriented architecture, the platform integrates smoothly with editorial, archive, traffic, business process, and rights management systems.  New to IBC this year is the first version 8 series release of the RadiantGrid platform. This release contains a brand-new media processing engine that provides faster-than-real-time content transformation at speeds that are unparalleled. This newly accelerated media processing engine performs complete intelligent analysis of all inbound media, with the platform’s content management fabric retaining technical metadata at the container, essence, and frame levels. Because this analysis is automated, users never have to tell the platform what type of content is being provided.  At IBC2013, Mariner will demonstrate its OTT and multiscreen service monitoring solution Mariner xVu for Multiscreen™, which captures insight from edge devices and the content delivery network, allowing service providers to deliver a superior quality of experience (QoE). During IBC2013, Wohler will demonstrate the many rich capabilities of the RadiantGrid platform, showing attendees why marquee European broadcasters are rapidly upgrading to this new technology. Wohler will also highlight its newest file-based appliance solutions, derived from the RadiantGrid platform technology for purpose-built applications. These solutions include WohlerLoudness, WohlerCaption, WohlerCoder, and WohlerConverter. Mariner Stand: 14.530 Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality video content on a growing number of IP-connected devices. As IP video service providers strive to manage the growing complexities of the multiscreen environment, a reliable service monitoring strategy is critical. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 80 AUGUST 2013