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Elstree studio complex upgrades C Taking tape out of the loop C inedeck LLC, a pioneering developer of capture systems for motion picture and broadcast production, started shipping a powerful new v4.2 software release on July 1st 2013 that enables its dual-channel RX and quad-channel MX file-based recorders to cost-effectively replace traditional tapedecks in everyday editorial and post production operations. Headline features include Playlisting, RS-422 deck control, LUT shaders, Segment Record, H.264 streaming, plus enhanced Audio options, Burn-ins and Closed Caption recording. This new release will also unleash an array of additional features, including ARRIRAW recording and 3D stereo modes, which   ustom Consoles has announced the completion of a relocation and renewal project for BBC Studios and Post Production, the BBC’s commercial facilities arm. Whilst the Television Centre site is being redeveloped, BBC Studios and Post Production has relocated its London studios business to Elstree and is providing HD TV studios at BBC Elstree and Elstree Film Studios in Borehamwood. The commission included moving the existing main production desk, production monitor wall and the lighting and vision monitor wall from Television Centre Studio 6 in London to the Elstree studio complex. Three additional desks have been provided, two from Custom Consoles’ Module-R series plus a specifically designed lighting control desk. The image shows a Custom Consoles desk and monitor wall in BBC Elstree Studio D production control. Price points as low as $9,495 per play/record channel with the Cinedeck RX3G, and $13,499 with the Cinedeck MX, deliver enormous cost savings compared to the outlay on a single tapedeck, with further savings achieved against the extra shipping, power and auxiliary equipment costs associated with tape. 08 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 79 JULY 2013 TV-BAY079JUL13.indd 8 09/07/2013 16:51