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WORLD NEWS Sales soar in Russia Huge performance boost and yet more tools Q uantel have released a new software version for Pablo Rio that unleashes the full power of its multi-GPU architecture and AJA(r) Corvid Ultra integration. Pablo Rio’s new software delivers “simply phenomenal” performance and adds yet more capabilities to its unique integrated color and finishing toolset. Running the new software, a Pablo Rio equipped with three NVIDIA(r) Tesla Kepler K20 GPUs will deliver over 20 layers of color correction in 4K at full resolution in realtime, or around 50 at 2K - performance unique in the market today. Adding the AJA Corvid Ultra enables that power to deliver realtime 4K 60fps - working with and monitoring the full quality 4K 60fps images live in the suite. Quantel has also boosted the Pablo Rio toolset, adding support for Apple(r) ProRes soft mount, improvements to the mocha planar tracker, realtime playback of soft mounted Sony F65 files and support for the NUGEN(r) VisLM audio loudness monitoring plug-in. D alet Digital Media Systems, a leading developer of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, software, and services for content producers engaged in news, sports, program preparation, archiving and radio, have announced several recent sales to broadcasters in Russia. Dalet experienced a strong surge in new business in the past year as it secured more than 10 new contracts in Russia, further accelerating the company’s continued growth in this highly competitive marketplace. Dalet also announced the opening of an office in Moscow to better serve the expanding customer base. A team of six Dalet engineers and broadcast professionals will provide local project and customer support. Newscast automation for 16 NRK stations Mosart Medialab have announced that NRK, Norway’s largest broadcaster, is extending its deployment of Mosart(R) automation from three central systems to include 12 of its regional news studios and an additional central system. With the completion of this project, all NRK facilities will enjoy the same efficiency, control options, and agile operation as the broadcaster’s main studios in Oslo. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 79 JULY 2013 | 21 TV-BAY079JUL13.indd 21 09/07/2013 16:51