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WORLD NEWS Alex Theakston From Source Distribution talks us through audio for DSLR BroadcastShow streams live from new UK Solutions Centre B From Red Head to LED Head T he red head has been the mainstay for lighting interviews. Three units can easily pack into a shoulder bag, allowing high quality multi- point lighting to be set up quickly in any location. With dimmers, cost- effective filters, soft boxes and reflectors, crews have enjoyed complete control and great results from portable red head lights for decades. Despite concerns over heat and power requirements, traditional red heads have remained highly popular, with newer lighting technologies struggling to truly replace tungsten, with its bright output and excellent colour characteristics. Now, Ianiro delivers a real alternative, with the launch of the 7000 Varibeam LED series. Critically, Varibeam Led provides an excellent light source, with a CQS* measuring 91. Nick Allen-Miles, MD of Ianiro International remarked: The Ianiro tungsten red head is famous: the range goes back to the 1960’s so we were not willing to tarnish the reputation of the company by releasing immature LED technology. With the Varibeam LED, theres no compromise whatsoever; the photometrics are quite outstanding. The light output is phenomenal delivering up-to 1388 lux at 2 metres while the dimmer operates with virtually no colour shift at all. These new units deliver the distinctive compact design and traditional light weight build, as well as all the usual benefits of red head lights. They also embrace energy saving, thanks to a high-efficiency, exclusive long-life LED array and a special heatsink, customized by Ianiro to exploit the limited space inside the casing. The units incorporate an extra-pure, uniformly calibrated aluminium mirror, tailored for use with LEDs. Ianiros attention to details means that the lights performance is indistinguishable from a tungsten unit. The LED is not just more comfortable for the talent under the light but is easier for the crew to use: it’s cooler, more economical and more durable. With standard AC and 12v DC units available, we can also give producers more flexibility than ever. Said Allen-Miles. * For more information on the CQS - colour quality scale - please visit roadcastShow took the opportunity of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU) launching its new Solutions Centre to set up a studio to stream the live monthly show. The new Solutions Centre is a purpose built facility that has been created to offer visitors the opportunity to see and experience the many different solutions that PSCEU has to offer. The Centre features solutions for a range of specialist market requirements including logistics, transportation, retail and banking and each solution is composed of a range of technologies from each PSCEU division; Computer Product Solutions, Professional Camera Solutions, Communication Solutions and Visual System Solutions. During the live one hour show the guests included Alex Theakston from Source Distribution discussing audio for DSLR’s, Adam Pierce from Sound Network with some sound advice on microphones and finally Nigel Wilkes from Panasonic with a preview of the new AJ-PX5000 and a tour around the Centre. Jennie Evans from Manor Marketing and Polecam’s Steffan Hewitt contributed with live news reports from Broadcast Asia in Singapore. You can watch the recorded version of the show here…. watch?v=NlKrzBv6KNo For further information on the PSCEU Solutions Centre visit 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 79 JULY 2013 TV-BAY079JUL13.indd 10 09/07/2013 16:51