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hours’, or ‘60 percent between 5:00 and 10:00 PM.’ For example, if one recurring power reduction request is normally 20 percent, the station can implement a preset and close down the equipment in, say, studios three and four because during that time those studios are not active. If a recurring request comes in for a 60 percent reduction, the station can determine the least amount of equipment needed across the entire facility to keep programming going. The TSL system allows the station team to make these decisions before there is a crisis request and appropriately react to meet the situation while continuing the broadcast schedule. The implications for broadcasters around the world is that emergency operational protocols for whatever reason can now be programmed in as a preemptive move for continued broadcast. The engineering team at TSL PPL has refined its power management family of Power Distribution Units (PDU) to fully address the needs of this global trend through intelligent power distribution, management and control to realize green benefits. The TSL PPL MDU-12PMi 16 amp and MDU-12PMi-32A 32 amp rack-mount units provide complete visibility of the health of the rack, monitoring status and alerting if pre-set limits are exceeded, as discussed above. It also offers 12 individually switched outlets with current, power and power factor measured both individually for each outlet and collectively in total. To meet the criteria for remote monitoring of system assets, programmable alerts, communicated via E-mail, SMS (via external gateway) and SNMP traps, have been engineered into the systems. Alerts include failed fuses, 16 GPI inputs, temperature sensor, or over and under current consumption by outlet. To realize the green benefits, MDU-12PMi/PMi- 32A units have been engineered to offer the opportunity to invoke system pre-programmed power maps using the TSL management software PsiMon, over LAN or WAN for energy management or individual equipment control. These units are designed to sit at the front of an equipment rack. The VIP series offers all of the above features, but is designed to mount vertically on the rear of an equipment rack to facilitate AC wiring. The engineering team can use the supplied power chords for each piece of rack-mount gear without modification because the power outlets run vertically and remain in close proximity to each power chord. In a world that experiences increased demands from power utilities year in and year out, combined with the need for green consciousness and certification, effectively managing power consumption to yield cost saving efficiencies is the order of the day. TSL PPL has met this challenge by designing power management products that are rugged, highly reliable and aggressively priced. With TSL, the greening of the broadcast industry is in good hands through its PDU power management approach. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 78 JUNE 2013 | 67 TV-BAY078JUN13.indd 67 10/06/2013 15:16