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CONTENTS ISSUE: 78 JUNE 2013 ACQUISITION CAMERAS, BATTERIES & POWER 38 Firmware deficiency syndrome? 56 Product update with Swit 46 Intelligent linking... Answering some key power questions 60 Generic v named brand – can you tell the difference? 48 Continuous power in the field 64 The evolution of camera connectivity 49 Product update 66 The greening of with DSM broadcast facilities 50 Does size really matter? 52 A Cinematic makeover 38 with Blackmagic Design REGULARS 32 NEWS & PROFILES 42 Finance – The shooting season with Peter Savage 34 Alice Chant - 98 Following the Ravensbourne 3 36 40 06 World news Ask the Experts – Increasing creativity and functionality g at Hong Kon Kahuna 360 upgrade s one Club (HKJC), Jockey Club Dick Hobbs gives us just the facts! to New features ge, shared stora o vide archiving, mam server and solutions y the technolog ditShare®, media storage leader in shared workflow Snell Kong Jockey d tapeless d that the Hong ons, has chosen a major, and end-to-en announced the release nell have announce horse racing organizati as part of 6.3, Ark largest n switchers solutions, have operations. of the world’s Shared Storage The new SD/HD productio center to support HD every of EditShare 5.3. multi-format ing programming and Geevs Kahuna 360 ents its broadcast hours of TV 2.3, Flow 2.3 aging vision upgrade of many enhancem a total of 9,600 an array of multi-phase versions include simplify workflows which produces 360 switchers to replace that The HKJC, and features user the Kahuna the overall 36 hours year, selected and improve more than nt includes mixers. ing line-up and infotainme experience. to weekly programm and post-race program days. Carried by look for ways pre- The HKJC’s kly race many We continually ing, including of twice-wee TV and satellite products, and of programm to live coverage improve our as well as pay reach more than 3 this release s features in content in addition SD and HD channels ongoing of the new Kong HKJC’s broadcast directly from several Hong countries, the have evolved , says seven other 360 with customers and CEO services in Kahuna dialogue every week. ent process, founder its ability million viewers involve and procurem ormance, as well as Andy Liebman, evaluation Another . Whether they ns, of EditShare After a stringent in technology and price/perf for both SD and HD. and to user permissio outputs was its resilience -- a enhancements support, or new scored highest inputs and Kahuna 360 multi-format in service they are selection of additional codec to provide interruption of in the HKJC’s archive features, y with no visible is watched by millions are backup and critical factor productivity ck seamlessl that tion to increase all designed workflow more efficient ability to auto-fallba for live racing coverage effortlessness customiza tion and the nt, which requires by making major considera system’s ease of use n environme mixing the and seamless. viewers. Also, HKJC’s compact productio perform hands-on vision the d and important in to be multi-skille all of its producers operator. without a dedicated S 32 Cloud STB with Bob Pank Read the full news at www. news and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter E of the BBCs post for one child…. the entire audio children’s novel Mr Stink. your inner cker completed Walliams founder n facility Hackenba adaptation of David Hackenbackers This post productio 3D scripted s project, says inner child. ning audio a long-form this marvellou get in touch with our Award-win programmes, ty to tackle has a fantastic us to in 3D. It also as it allows flagship Christmas had the opportuni thrilled to have drama is always enjoyable because it is being produced We are absolutely children’s soundtrack BBC1 boss Working on immersive Taylor and audio. Nigel Heath. requires a suitably controller Cheryl David Walliams and us with the Ted) one, in particular, of scope to be adventuro by former comedy in association with ns Partridge, Father commissioned story with plenty Britain, Alan Mr Stink was In House Comedy Productio of (Little adaptation by BBC by Declan Lowney The 60-minute and is was produced n. It was directed Danny Cohen, company DEW Productio production his com www.hackenbacker. Discovering 10/01/2013 10:50 MAGAZINE 06 | TV-BAY 3.indd 6 TV-BA073JAN1 Is 4k the end of the line? With Robin Palmer ACQUISITION: CAMERAS, BATTERIES & POWER Alice Chant Jim Daniels Steve Emmett Raymond Burns Mark Linnhoff Page 34 Page 42 Page 46 Page 48 Page 52 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 78 JUNE 2013 TV-BAY078JUN13.indd 4 10/06/2013 16:42