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The future of the intercom industry... At NAB 2013 RTS launched its first OMNEO interface cards, marking the first deployment of OMNEO in the broadcast intercom industry. In the future, users can transform their RTS ADAM matrix into a flexible, IP-based, AVB-compatible intercom network. Tv-bay spoke to Manuel Brico, RTS Sales Manager CCS GAS & Balkan, on OMNEO and the advantage of the new systems. Please tell us a little about the media networking architecture OMNEO. What is it? Who developed it? What is its intention? O MNEO is a media networking architecture that provides for high-quality multichannel media transmission and powerful, reliable system control via standard Ethernet IP networks. It enables the development of media products capable of interoperating and exchanging media content and control data using industry-standard IP digital network equipment. OMNEO is a development from Bosch and employs Dante as its media transport and OCA (Open Control Architecture) as its control protocol. The goal was to develop an IP architecture which can be deployed across many different devices and which will work for different markets and use cases as well – ProSound, Intercom, Public Address, Conferencing and many more. What are the advantages of using a combination of RTS and OMNEO? A combination of RTS and OMNEO offers a multitude of advantages. These include full TCP/IP compatibility over any 10/100/1000 Mbps network, ultra low latency, as well as superior quality audio with full 20Hz-20kHz audio bandwidth. No special network IP hardware is required when using RTS OMNEO products. As these employ Dante, they are compatible with any Dante equipment from other manufacture too and will be fully compatible with AVB. Are there disadvantages too? The real challenge for users is that a good working knowledge of network design and topologies is essential to properly deploy these systems. However, since IP is the basis for many other systems, our customers are already improving their expertise in this area. How do OMNEO cards differ from previous interface cards? The RTS OMI OMNEO interface card (OMNEO Matrix Interface) is scalable and can support up to 64 ports. Using OMI cards, we can offer a very compact matrix size with up to 256 ports in the compact ADAM-M intercom frame or up to 512 ports in the full sized ADAM frame. Does the end-user experience a difference when using RTS OMNEO systems? In terms of functionally, reliability and audio performance, the end-user can continue to count on RTS quality. A key difference however exists when it comes to designing an OMNEO- based system due to its capabilities and flexibility. These include digital audio between matrix and keypanel, a keypanel connection via existing Ethernet infrastructure or fibre optic, a daisy chain from keypanel to keypanel as well as two-channel high quality audio between matrix and keypanel. Additionally end-users can exchange audio with other Dante equipment via the standard IP Ethernet infrastructure. Who should consider using an OMNEO-based intercom system? Right now we can think of many of different scenarios where and how to use RTS and OMNEO. For example, new customers or existing customers who are considering buying new medium to larger intercom systems and wish to deploy them over an IP infrastructure. Existing RTS OB customers can simplify their connectivity requirements; existing RTS RVON VOIP users can improve latency and signal fidelity. In general, RTS OMNEO-based systems are usable in any application connecting RTS intercoms via trunking to simplify wiring and improve reliability. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Have you already received the first feedback? If so, of what kind? With OMNEO connectivity now possible in RTS intercom systems, we have seen an enthusiastic response from our customers and fully expect that we will see a variety of new and innovative ways they will be deployed in many applications. With our customers demanding IP connectivity and seamless interoperability from our products, we expect the combination of RTS and OMNEO to be a major innovative force for RTS in the future. 62 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 62 02/05/2013 21:19