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WORLD NEWS Lightworks for Mac E ditShare® has announced the highly anticipated Mac version of Lightworks, EditShare’s popular cross-platform editing software was demonstrated for the first time at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas. Pairing RED Epic with petrol B reakthrough photographer/ Director/DP Vincent Laforet may be based out of Los Angeles but he’s rarely at home base. He spent a good part of last year travelling from Australia to Southeast Asia and back shooting commercials, films, participating in international photography panels, and teaching seminars. His shooting package always goes with him. One of his favorite cameras is the RED Epic and his choice to carry it, fully loaded, is from Petrol Bags. The challenge always is how to carry your digital camera around the world without lugging a number of cases for your essentials, says Laforet. I love the RED Epic because it’s compact and portable, and there are a number of accessory choices that are also lightweight and compact. Lightworks, the software of choice for editors working on some of the finest films of the past two decades, has been redesigned to work seamlessly on Mac OS X, making it the first professional NLE to be truly tri-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac). Visitors to the EditShare stand at NAB 2013 were treated to a demonstration of the all-new Lightworks Mac OS X version, followed by a Q&A session in the stands theatre area hosted by Scott Hill, long-time Lightworks user and renowned Hollywood editor. Photon Beard arrives at NAB 2013 with Square One P Q-Ball compatibility with control system Everything I need is easily fitted into the Petrol Bags Rolling DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case, he explains. It is a carry-on sized roller case with heavy-duty customizable Velcro padded inserts that makes the difference. No matter what package I carry, I can customize the interior of the DigiSuite to fit. Because it’s been designed for DSLR shooters along with the camera, an assortment of lenses even accessories, can fit perfectly and safely, inside. Camera Corps and Vinten Radamec demonstrated compatibility between their popular Camera Corps Q-Ball robotic camera system and the Vinten Radamec® CP4 control system at the 2013 NAB Show. Q-Ball offers a robust, high-level mini-cam system with excellent performance in the most demanding remote camera applications. Compatibility with the new CP4 control system offers users enhanced camera options for new and existing installations. hoton Beard has launched Square One, a new one-foot square fluorescent lighting panel that produces more light, more economically, than any other 1x1 fixture in the marketplace. The one-foot-square panel includes eight 5/8 diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum, broadcast- quality illumination with predictable colour results and fewer spikes and spectral variations typically associated with similarly sized LED- based fixtures. Square One uses the familiar Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors that are the current standard in television studios around the world. The difference is that at only 64W, Square One delivers a level of balanced illumination at three meters that fixtures pulling 100W struggle to achieve. 18 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 18 02/05/2013 21:17