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WORLD NEWS The boompole which is one step beyond! F or more than 20 years Ambient Recording has produced professional carbon fiber boompoles. The tubes used for their products are not off the shelf items but specially manufactured to their own specification using upscaled yet still affordable Hi-Q modulus carbon fibers. This high quality soon made Ambient one of the leading manufacturers for professional booms in many parts of the world. Now they wanted to go one step beyond and construct a masterpiece. The QS boompole is handmade out of Pre-preg carbon. This is an extremely time- consuming way of production but it gives the possibility to design the tube characteristics layer by layer. Their aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can control his microphone like a surgeon controls his scalpel but from an 18 feet distance! Besides the tubing they refashioned the screw locks for better grip when working with gloves. The result achieved is nothing less than the stiffest, most precise boom on the market that can truly be called the best pole they’ve ever built! New HD mobile production vehicle C lear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, has announced that Eastlink, a premier provider of cable TV, Internet and telephone services in Canada, has  selected Clear-Com intercoms for its all-HD mobile production vehicle HD-1. Eastlink depends on Clear-Coms Eclipse-Median Digital Matrix and Tempest®900 Digital Wireless intercom systems, along with the V-Series intercom panels, for reliable, flexible and high-quality communications to coordinate the broadcasters full slate of programming. Moving coil software for TM3 R End-to-end video publishing and management… simplified! H aivision have announced the launch of the Haivision Video Cloud, simplifying the complexity of live and on-demand video workflows by providing an end- to-end media platform. Haivisions online video platform provides a complete solution for companies to engage their audiences with dynamic media content, regardless of network or device. TW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, has proudly unveiled the new TM3-SWMC Software for its TM3 series of TouchMonitors. This new software license, available as an add-on option, incorporates a moving coil emulation display. With a surge in appetite for video consumption, companies continue to invest in video to communicate their messages to employees, partners and customers for activities like corporate training, product launches and live events. However, video management and delivery has become increasingly challenging due to the diversity of solutions, mobile devices, platforms and video formats. As a result, companies are often required to piece together multiple solutions and vendors to get what they need. 12 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 77 MAY 2013 TV-BAY077MAY13.indd 12 02/05/2013 21:17