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The world’s most advanced intercom solutions advance even further. NEW! LCD TV via HDMI which is located on the Camera Diner set. This allows me to see the live feed on set as well as the viewers watching from home. This allows us to do camera demonstrations, while showing the camera’s GUI at the same time. Being able to split the feed from the Teranex is invaluable to us when we are providing live demonstrations,” said Genge. Get out of jail free card For archived shows and YouTube clips, program output from the ATEM mixer is sent to a Hyperdeck Studio to record the program playout in ProRes HQ and then sent to a PC to be edited in Sony Vegas to tighten up any presenter glitches, add adverts and titles. The edited package is converted to a Vimeo friendly file and uploaded online. “The Teranex’s price point and quality of conversions simply blew me away. It’s so easy to use; you simply take it out of the box, plug it in, tell it what to do and it does it. I love the Blackmagic products I have purchased so far, but the Teranex unit has been our best investment yet because it’s my ‘get out of jail free card’ should someone need to show output from a smartphone, tablet or any other piece of kit they might conceivably bring on to the show, I’m converted!” concludes Genge. The Eclipse HX offers a wide range of powerful matrix frames that are perfect for dynamic productions, enabling users to rapidly execute system changes and easily manage the configuration software. The new Eclipse HX-Delta matrix system is a cost- effective 3RU intercom solution that can be conveniently installed in mobile trucks where space is limited or throughout a multi-level studio facility. This infrastructure permits shorter cable runs and puts broadcasters closer to their intercoms. NEW! With cabling simplicity, high channel density, and network capa- bilities, HelixNet Partyline is the leading digital partyline intercom for mobile sports productions requiring quick setup and multiple channels of intercom. The new HelixNet Partyline 1.1 enables linking between five HelixNet systems to extend digital partyline communications to multiple broadcast sites over a network, eliminating the need for long cables runs. Up to 20 audio chan- nels, five program audios and power for beltpacks are supported over a single shielded twisted-pair. Copyright © 2013. Clear-Com, LLC. All rights reserved. ® Clear-Com, the Clear-Com logo, Eclipse and HelixNet are registered trademarks of HM Electronics, Inc. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 53 TV-BAY076APR13.indd 53 26/03/2013 16:48