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Sky Sports News SNG coverage O utside broadcast, satellite uplink and product design specialist SIS LIVE has deployed its new 1.8m vehicle mounted antenna DriveForce®. DriveForce delivering high bandwidth transmissions with the ability to transmit at any location including those where exceptionally windy conditions prevail. SIS LIVE is currently operating a new dedicated DriveForce SNG truck for Sky and has launched an additional 6 DriveForce vehicles to support Sky Sports News and other news and sport customers. The DriveForce system has already received tremendous feedback from operators and clients. SIS and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.” David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE says “Sky Sports have revolutionised sports coverage in the UK and we are delighted to follow with an exciting new product offering. DriveForce is a market-changing innovation, of a higher quality than any other system on the market today and will enable us to offer even better levels of service to new and existing customers.” With increasing demand for high bandwidth HD transmissions, many existing systems use mounts developed for small aperture antennas, bolstered to take a larger reflector, thus compromising the design. With DriveForce, SIS LIVE have adopted a ‘grass roots’ approach, ensuring that the mount is optimised to carry the large antenna and capable of operating in wind speeds of up to 60mph, almost double that of competing products. The ultra-high performance carbon fibre system is fully automated, capable of very high bandwidth or dual path transmissions and incorporates SIS LIVE’s award- winning differential antenna control technology to find and track any satellite within seconds. SIS LIVE has invested heavily in accurate tooling and high quality, low tolerance manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal quality and performance of its antennas. This significant investment has enabled the development of units which feature high levels of integration and are extremely lightweight due to the extensive use of composite materials. Continuously innovating and redefining broadcast and satellite solutions SIS LIVE’s in-house team design and build a range of cutting edge, award winning products, find out more here products.php. Keith Lane, head of operations, Sky, says “SIS LIVE has been providing services to Sky Sports and Sky Sports News for many years. DriveForce is a great innovation and addition to their fleet, enhancing the services provided to Sky Sports. We enjoy the partnership supplier relationship with IPTV at Frankfurt Airport A t Frankfurt Airport, dreams of the future already come as standard: television and radio programmes are distributed all over the airport grounds site using IPTV. The existing network infrastructure is used as a basis here. The operating company, Fraport AG uses the IPTV hardware and software of manufacturer Teracue for its distribution. More than 90 television and radio channels are distributed over the IPTV network at Frankfurt Airport today. Amongst others, this includes the television programmes of public and private television networks, various pay TV channels and about 20 radio stations. The fields of use of the system are just as extensive as the diversity of stations available. Fraport does not just use IPTV for its own purposes such as for meeting rooms and lounges or on more than 200 displays on 120 gates. There is also opportunity for catering establishments, bars and retail businesses at the airport to use the IPTV system to show programmes on their own terminals. The streaming of television and radio programmes is provided with the help of the DVB-to-IP gateways by Teracue. Signals, such as DVB-S/ S2 and DVB-ASI are streamed via IP using a multicast process with the hardware plug-in cards designed for robust 24/7 operation. In addition, the installed IPTV system is flexible enough to grow with its requirements. For example, in the early stages, set-up was only provided for SD distribution. The upgrade to HD only required replacement of the set-top boxes. The examples of Fraport and Frankfurt Airport show how a cleverly used IPTV system can not only contribute to a varied offering of infotainment, but also to the safety of passengers. 44 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY076APR13.indd 44 26/03/2013 16:48