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TVUPack Ideal for those places that SNG trucks cannot reach, the TVUPack allows users to broadcast in HD over multiple 3G/4G/LTE cellular wireless networks, WiFi, WiMax, and BGAN. To negate problems inherent with using mobile phone networks it uses proprietary Inverse StatMux technology that dynamically segments a live video signal and transmits each piece through a multitude of independent 3G (or 4G) connections. And it’s all housed in a backpack, hence the name. It must work pretty well as on the final day of the January football transfer window Sky Sports News used them, supplied by WTS Broadcast, to transmit live from several difficult to reach (or reach quickly) football club car parks and training grounds around the country. Dejero Ah, the Apple iPhone. You knew we’d get here eventually. But you can’t just do a video call live to air. You do need slightly more sophisticated technology than that. Which is where Dejero comes in. The creator of the LIVE+ Platform of bonded wireless uplink products also has an iPhone app, an innovation that was used earlier this year by Sky News to conduct an intercontinental live video interview from Guangzhou in China. The app transmits live or recorded video from the smartphone in real time over a 3G cellular connection using the same patent-pending bonded transmission technology as the company’s flagship product, the LIVE+ 20/20. Bandwidth is aggregated from both the WiFiTM and cellular connections of the iPhone in order to improve quality and latency. Vislink Finally, I can’t leave this subject without referencing a non-cellular alternative. Vislink has a small KA-band satellite system (which also supports X- and KU-band networks) that can be set up in minutes and augment poor phone network coverage in remote areas. The Vislink Mantis MSAT is a one-man portable satellite terminal that can provide a live HD feed, weighs just 14kg and fits in a backpack. Nucomm Connect Live Combining the best of both worlds, the Nucomm Connect Live from Integrated Microwave Technologies (part of the Vitec Group no less) gives users the option to transmit video from a camera using either cellular networks or via a standard (line-of-sight) COFDM microwave link back to a nearby truck. As with the TVUPack (above) this is a solution for those locations that other systems cannot reach. Unlike the TVUPack, it doesn’t require a backpack. It utilizes “Advanced Adaptive Encoding and Bonding techniques” to compensate for changing network conditions by adjusting frame rate, resolution, encoding rates and streaming parameters. The battle between latency and video quality can be quickly decided using one of three preset modes: interview, balanced and high quality. There’s more of course. But this is an area of rapid advancement and it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. The key thing to remember is that cellular technology is a useful addition to the ever- reliable satellite truck. It’s cheaper, faster and requires less manpower but it’s not a replacement, except when it comes to those locations that a SNG vehicle cannot reach. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 39 TV-BAY076APR13.indd 39 26/03/2013 16:47