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WORLD NEWS From the field to the studio S ound Devices, experts in portable audio and video products for field production, is taking its proven field technology into the studio with its PIX 260i Production Video Recorder at the 2013 NAB Show (Booth C2849). Based on Sound Devices PIX 240i Recorder, the rack-mounted PIX 260i is a file-based audio/video recorder that seamlessly replaces tape- based video decks in production and post-production environments. Currently shipping, PIX 260i also offers 32 tracks of audio record/playback as well as control functionality from browser-capable computers and tablets. Dedo lights up the industry T he highly anticipated range of LED lights from Dedo is now complete, with the arrival of the DLED 2.0 and DLED 9.0. The latest additions are available in tungsten, daylight and bi-colour versions and feature Dedo’s double aspheric optics which provide the huge focusing range, clean beam and smooth light distribution that users have come to expect. Originally designed for film makers, and highly sought after by television directors and stills photographers, the dedolight is the light of choice across the industry. Previewed at IBC 2012 and now shipping, the entire LED range maintains the traditions and heritage of the brand, to deliver unprecedented control over the shape, direction and focus of the light. David Morphy of the distributor, Cirro Lite, explains that Dedo was unwilling merely to follow the LED trend: “Dedo cares passionately about visual quality. It has taken years of research, development and component testing for the company to be absolutely certain of the reliability and consistency of every LED bulb it uses. As a result, these new lights are phenomenal. Light distribution is perfectly even, dimming has no effect on colour performance and light output is outstandingly high.” Playout platform installed at WTLW TV44 M iranda Technologies has announced a complete master control rebuild with Mirandas iTX integrated playout platform at the core of WTLW TV44 and its second channel, the West Ohio Sports Net, TV 44.2, a full power, locally owned television station in Lima, Ohio. The Miranda solution replaced aging analog equipment with an HD-ready workflow that supports file-based content and includes the iTX playout platform, an NVISION 8144 router with redundant NV9000 controllers, a dual-channel Vertigo character generator, Kaleido-X multiviewer and a Densit© frame populated with Densit© IRD cards. Available in five different sizes (Ledzilla, DLED 2.0, DLED 4.0, DLED 9.0 and DLED 12.0), the series sets a new standard in LED excellence, with unparalleled build quality, light output, and user control. Connecting with Quantel S even Network Adelaide has upgraded its Quantel Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system to the latest V5 software. V5 offers scalable file-based workflows, the ability to handle SD and HD material simultaneously, GPU-accelerated editors, and adds a host of new editing, workflow and management facilities. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY076APR13.indd 28 26/03/2013 16:47