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WORLD NEWS Taking Pablo Rio to new heights Cooke Super Panchro conversion project Q uantel have released Pablo Rio V2. V2 is a 64-bit application that unlocks the full power of the Pablo Rio PC platform. Pablo Rio V2 supports realtime 4K 16-bit, offering multiple color correction cascades at 4K with realtime playback. The free of charge V2 software upgrade delivers even greater performance and interactivity to all Pablo Rio customers. 64-bit Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware, and utilizes NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology with CUDA-enabled GPUs to deliver fantastic interactivity and maximum throughput. Client attended sessions can take full advantage of Pablo Rio’s performance and comprehensive toolset to deliver better results on time and without compromise. V2 also includes new developments to speed working with Sony F65 files and the Canon C500 camera. Both software and turnkey Pablo Rio systems integrate into today’s data- centric post pipelines and now work across a wide range of data formats including high frame rate, Stereo3D, OpenEXR, RED HDRx, Sony F65, Arri RAW, Phantom and Go Pro. N AB 2013 sees the launch of a service to re-engineer a complete set of 18mm 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm Cooke Speed Panchro lenses. Equipping the units with a PL mount and Cam Form focus mechanism, True Lens Services updates the celebrated cinema optics for the 21st century. At NAB 2013 True Lens Services will announce the completion of its Super Panchro conversion project that updates this most famous Cooke optic for use with new 4K digital camera systems. The full range of retro-fitted lenses will be revealed for the first time Las Vegas. Getting creative with variable frame rates FOR-A has announced that Montreal-based photographer and visual engineer Benjamin Von Wong recently used its VFC-7000 HD Variable Frame Rate Camera for two artistic video projects. Your workflow, your way... When he first laid eyes on the lightweight, compact VFC-7000 camera at a Toronto tradeshow last summer, Von Wongwas impressed with the cameras slow motion capabilities. He capitalized on the cameras ability to capture high-speed HD recordings when he later used it to shoot a creative video that focused on his long hair. Von Wong subjected himself to water, eggs, and flour being thrown at his head during a cold night, along with some fire thrown into the mix all in the name of exciting slow motion footage. He paired FOR-As VFC-7000 with a LensBaby Composer lens for the video shoot. To visit Von Wongs website: Cinedeck LLC, pioneering developer of capture systems for motion picture and broadcast production, will spotlight Your Workflow, Your Way, as it demonstrates versatile, file-based, multi-stream acquisition-to-post, video ingest and playback options at NAB 2013, (Cinedeck Booth #SL14911). 12 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY076APR13.indd 12 26/03/2013 16:47