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WORLD NEWS ‘The Eybe’ An all new, mini remote camera ‘The Eybe’ is a brand new, integrated mini camera from Bradley for Commentary Positions, POVs, and discreet remote camera applications.  In addition to its smooth, streamline, and practical external look it boasts a number of significant improvements over its predecessors.  • Larger sensor chip – the size of the sensor has been increased by over 20% to 0.4” • Increased pixel count – the number of pixels has been increased by nearly 100% to 4Mpixels • Improved low light performance • Additional 1080p output • Full RCP control including black levels and paint • Smoother movement and wider pan, tilt, and zoom dynamic range The results are crisper cleaner and sharper pictures with even smoother pan, tilt and zoom movement.  At top speed it moves at a respectable 120 degrees/ sec but at the lowest speed it achieves smoothly controllable moves within 1 degree!  So even at tight lens angles you still have smooth, fully proportional moves in pan, tilt and zoom. Matched with Bradleys’ new Multi Function Controller Mk2 and Remote Camera Panel Mk3 gives full CCU control including black levels, paint controls, scene files and pre-set positions. New Preview line 7500 series monitors I ntroducing at NAB, booth C6444, the new Preview line of monitor kits of 4’’, 5’’ ,7’’ and 9’’, 3G/HD/SD-SDI and composite inputs, (video inputs allow configurable loop-through) and featuring all the necessary tools to assist in the signal monitoring to optimize installations’ resources . New features in this series: independent Waveforms for Y,Cb, and Cr, Vectorscope and Histogram. WFM and Vectorscope have three different modes to be displayed: over- imposed, full-screen and dual mode (full size on the screen next to the one showing the picture). Featuring also high resolution In-Monitor Displays (IMD) and Tally. Audio monitoring is possible thanks to the built-in audio de-embedder and the front headphones output. The on-screen audio bars, with configurable size and blending levels, can display up to 16 channels scaled in dBFs. The monitors IPS panels improve viewing angles and colour reproduction and the LED backlight technology gives a greater uniformity and lower consumption. Sonifex RB-IPE, IP extender T he Sonifex Redbox RB-IPE can be used in any position where you need to remotely acquire GPO signals or remotely control equipment, for example controlling equipment at unmanned posts, outstations or transmitter sites. It is a 1U rackmount unit which provides remote control of GPIO and analogue control voltages over an Ethernet network. Configured using a built-in web server, two units can control each other across an Ethernet network, or a single unit can be controlled via Ethernet commands and the webserver interface. It has 16 x general purpose inputs on 8 x RJ45 connectors, consisting of 8 x isolated current sink inputs and 8 x pull to ground protected inputs; and 16 x general purpose outputs on 8 x RJ45 connectors using 8 x isolated relay change-over contacts and 8 x opto-isolated contacts. On another 8 x RJ45 connectors there are also 8 x 0 to 3.3V/5V/12V input signals and 8 output signals nominally at 0 to 3.3V output, with other output voltage configurations possible. The outputs can all be controlled from the inputs of another RB-IPE, or from Ethernet commands. 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY076APR13.indd 10 26/03/2013 16:46