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WORLD NEWS HD wireless monitoring system O xygen DCT has launched AirWaves HD, a wireless HD monitoring system that gives directors and producers working on set or on location the freedom to monitor productions without being tethered to cables. Launched in direct response to huge demand from television and film companies, AirWaves HD comprises a camera mounted transmitter and monitor mounted receiver that stream HD-SDI and HDMI signals wirelessly over the air, up to distances of 500m away. Video is throughput at a maximised data rate to produce uninterrupted high quality HD video with low latency and impressive resolution. Embedded audio and timecode are also carried transparently across the air waves making Airwaves HD exceptionally versatile. AirWaves HD is equally suited to field and studio production and is supported by a host of options specifically tailored to indoor and outdoor use. Complying with CALM T he implementation of the USA’s new CALM legislation on broadcast audio loudness has led many broadcasters to look for effective ways of processing, controlling and logging their audio output so that it meets the FCC’s Compliance rules. With a number of solutions on the market, WBPH in Philadelphia and WMBC in New Jersey - two stations in two neighbouring markets that share engineering ideas and resources - combined their technical expertise to search out the Loudness control system that worked best for them. As a result of this search, both stations have invested in T*AP Television Audio Processors from German manufacturer Junger Audio. ImagenCloud asset management C ambridge Imaging Systems, the digital archive management specialist, launched ImagenCloud, a cloud-based version of its popular Imagen2 asset management and publishing software at BVE 2013. Visitors to the stand also had the opportunity to take up a free 30 day trial of the software. Imagen2 is a complete MAM and publishing system which can be used for ingesting, archiving and distributing large quantities of video, stills, audio and documents in a themed web interface.  It provides a convenient and cost effective way to manage and publish video, images and audio in a hosted (cloud) environment. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 07 TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 7 11/03/2013 16:50