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9th-23rd May 2013 5 major cities Brand new seminar programme Manufacturer exhibits NEW: Hands-on workshops! In association with Free WiFi and refreshments & Glasgow Seminar highlights you will not want to miss! “Post NAB is such perfect timing for me...” Established in TV and video production since the 1980's Rick Young has a passion for affordable filmmaking and in his two jam packed seminars will uncover a wealth of production and post production topics including 'Filming on location, essential camera techniques & choosing the right camera to suit your workflow.’ Followed in the afternoon by 'Using Final Cut Pro X for professional use and getting results from Final Cut Pro X' Globally renowned and highly respected lighting seminar and masterclass by Jonathan Harrison, a working DoP and lighting specialist with 30 years experience in the film & broad- cast TV industry. Jonathan covers 'The Art of Lighting...' The LED story and advanced and specialist documentary lighting techniques and tools followed in the afternoon by 'The Art of Lighting on the Run...’ with LED tools. Manchester Cardiff ENTRY! FREE d eminar an limited s DVUSER London Bristol ster ces, regi kshop pla wor now! Hot on the heels of NAB these exhibitors and many more will be showing products never seen before in the UK. TM WWW. .COM List correct at the time of publishing, please refer to website for full list of exhibitors. Register at TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 39 Untitled-2 1 11/03/2013 16:51 08/03/2013 17:50