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Soothsayers, trendsetters and people with ‘roadmaps’ by Will Strauss P rototypes, alpha products, demos and proofs of concept: NAB in Las Vegas is all about future innovation. Will Strauss picks 13 stands that you must visit this year. With the dust from BVE barely settled, it’s already time to look towards NAB. I know, I know. Don’t shout at me. I didn’t arrange the broadcast industry’s events calendar. While BVE is a ‘hands-on’ show where you can play with real kit and learn from people who have used it, NAB is for soothsayers, trendsetters and people with ‘roadmaps’. And, for that reason, I love it. So, what can we expect from this year’s show? Here are 13 booths not-to-miss. Kinefinity Canon This time last year Blackmagic Design rocked the camera world and stole the show at NAB by introducing its Cinema Camera almost out of the blue. Other companies will be hard pressed to replicate that in 2013 but there should be some further excitement if you’re looking for high- resolution acquisition kit. In amongst it will be a new video camera from Canon. Although it has only just released the C100, expect a new shooter that sits happily between the C100 and the C300 in terms of both price and spec and is available in both a PL and EF mount version. Red Digital Cinema It doesn’t really take Mystic Meg to predict that Red will be one of the most talked about exhibitors at NAB. Blackmagic Design might have stolen some of its thunder in 2012 but this year it will back in a big way (so I am told). Their stand is next to Blackmagic too so expect lots of posturing. If all goes to plan there should be the chance to see the much-hyped Dragon sensor plus something else that led founder Jim Jannard to proclaim: “NAB 2013 will be historic.” You can make of that what you will. NHK NAB 2013 will bring 8k Super Hi- Vision another step closer to reality. Japanese public broadcaster NHK (who else?) will undoubtedly show footage shot at London 2012. And there’s due to be a demo of real- time, over-the-air transmission and reception of SHV broadcasts, using two UHF television channels. But the real excitement will surround potential production technology. A 120Hz Super Hi-Vision camera, a compact Super Hi-Vision camera suitable for robust mobile use AND a 22.2 multichannel sound production system are all promised. One company that might not be that familiar but may be worth a look is Kinefinity. A Chinese company, it makes the KineRAW S35, a 2k Super 35mm digital camera that shoots RAW and Cineform compressed RAW and costs less than $10,000 (£6,650). For NAB, before the KineRAW has even started shipping no less, it is preparing to launch a smaller and cheaper version called the Mini S35 that will be have a Super 35mm CMOS Sensor that shoots 2K RAW and cost the remarkably low price of $6k (£4k). Deluxe Entertainment Services It’s been a while coming but Deluxe’s private cloud- based HD broadcast playout platform will be on show at NAB. MediaCloud was developed to make it possible for broadcasters, producers or any other content owner to get channels (including ‘pop up’ ones) on air quickly and, at the same time, reduce infrastructure and staffing costs. It will accommodate traditional linear output as well as re-versioning for new media outlets. I would expect, after two years development, that MediaCloud will have been worth the wait. Grass Valley Talking of vision mixers, Grass Valley may well be the belle of the ball this year thanks to GV Director, a reinvention of what American’s call a ‘live production switcher’. Taking its inspiration from non-linear editing, this innovation features traditional vision mixer buttons, fader bars etc but is software-based. Stick it in the truck, studio or other live environment and pump out feeds for multiple platforms. That’s the idea anyway. 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 34 11/03/2013 16:51