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NAB NEWS Brainstorm NAB Booth: SL10621 Camera Corps A NAB Booth: C6032 C amera Corps will demonstrate a major advance in remote camera control technology at NAB. Exclusive to Camera Corps’s rental service, new RF Q-Ball is a complete wireless remote camera system which the company can install quickly and easily for any hire. Up to 96 cameras can be operated through a single data transmitter attached to a standard Camera Corps RCP remote control panel or Joystick panel. The entire system is waterproofed for use in all weather, on land or at sea. Antennas may be coupled via extension cables if required. Existing Q-Ball, Q-Ball Pre-Set or HD MiniZoom camera heads can be integrated into the system without modification. t NAB 2013, Brainstorm Multimedia will be featuring its new range of product improvements which will further enhance the company’s reputation for providing the most flexible, lightning fast and comprehensive broadcast graphics packages available today. For the first time in the US, Brainstorm will unveil the new Aston 3D, its real-time 3D graphics creation and playout solution now available for immediate delivery.  Aston 3D was previewed at IBC 2012 to much acclaim and will shortly be launched in the UK at the upcoming BVE Show. Aston 3D is a complete and comprehensive graphics solution built to be the center of any design department and from there, through to CG and playout, fulfilling all the requirements of broadcasters, production services providers and design houses. With a vast feature set which boosts designers creativity, and with seamless integration in collaborative environments, Brainstorm brings the power of its eStudio render engine and the heritage of the Aston brand to a wider customer base. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 27 TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 27 11/03/2013 16:51