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Emotion Systems Wowza Media Systems NAB Booth: SU8603 E A motion Systems will launch eFF 3.0, the latest incarnation of its audio loudness compliance and normalisation application. The Wowza Media Server revolutionizes media delivery with reliable, cost-effective, secure streaming across the broadest array of devices. With full support for MPEG-DASH, the software can provide the highest quality experience to viewers while reducing costs and streamlining the infrastructure for content providers. eFF 3.0 features Dolby E, True Peak, Short Term and Momentary Correction using its innovative DNA (Dynamic Normalisation Algorithm) and loudness range control. eFF 3.0 is the perfect tool for CALM compliance and also provides multi-profile loudness correction within a single file for multi- language, international delivery requirements and provides enhanced, automated operation with its improved multi-watch folder capability and its extended RESTful API. NAB Booth: SU11007 t the 2013 NAB Show, attendees will experience the premiere of several new additions to Wowza Media Server(R) which continue to enable reach to the largest possible audience with simplified streaming workflows. Junger Audio NAB Booth: C2333 D ynamics specialist Junger Audio will use the NAB 2013 platform (Booth C2333) to give US broadcasters their first view of V*AP, a brand new two channel voice processor that is specifically designed to make life easier for engineers working in radio stations and TV production voice-over studios. V*AP, the latest addition to Junger Audio’s award-winning *AP family of products, draws on the company’s extensive experience with previous Voice Processing devices such as its v-series, but adds new tools and algorithms to create a new, easier and more efficient approach to voice processing with no compromise in sound quality. Eyeheight E yeheight will introduce its LE-2M-K legaliser to the American television broadcast and facilities markets at the April 2013 NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Unlike traditional video legalisers or automated loudness control devices, the new LE-2M-K keeps a timed log of every non-compliant video or audio event requiring correction in the course of a 24-hour transmission schedule. This enables broadcasters to archive a record of as-run conformance data in countries where legislation makes this compulsory. Each action is logged complete with its linear timecode identifier. Video legalisation and loudness correction timelines can also be monitored on-screen. Haivision NAB Booth: SL6605 A t the 2013 NAB Show, Haivision will introduce bold new solutions that allow users to capture, manage, and publish media content to Internet audiences. These new solutions are coupled with Haivision’s industry- leading encoding (Makito™) and cloud transcoding (KulaByte™) technologies, along with new Internet transport technologies. Haivision will also debut the Makito X series, the company’s next-generation, high- definition, H.264 encoding platform with dual-channel HD encoding capabilities. 26 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 26 11/03/2013 16:51