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POST NAB UK roadshow… I f you are not planning on making the trip to NAB this year then you might just be interested to learn that May 2013 will see the inaugural UK roadshow for tv-bay’s BroadcastShow. Industry professionals are freely invited to come to one of 5 venues around the UK where many manufacturers will be showing products just released at NAB. With a focus on a hands on day out there are also unmissable seminars on offer from Jonathan Harrison and Rick Young at every venue. Morning sessions: The Art of Lighting.. The LED story and advanced and specialist documentary lighting techniques and tools. Photon Beard Filming on location.. essential camera techniques - Choosing the right camera to suit your workflow P Afternoon sessions: The Art of Lighting on the Run with LED tools Using Final Cut Pro X for professional use and getting results from Final Cut Pro X For more information, the dates, venues and registration then please visit NAB Booth: C11432 hoton Beard, the UK lighting solutions specialists for broadcast, film and video will launch a new one-foot square fluorescent lighting panel that produces more light, and is more economic, than other 1x1 fixtures in the marketplace. The panel includes eight 5/8 diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum broadcast-quality illumination using the same Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors that have become industry standard in television studios around the world. This provides predictable colour results with fewer spikes and spectral variations typically associated with similar LED-based fixtures. True Lens Services were developed from the 1920s up to the end of the 1970s. Nab Booth: C12733 Consequently, the Speed Panchro look is ingrained in the movie industry. Directors of photography still reach for this legendary glass; recent productions include To Rome with Love (2012), Blue Jasmine (2013), An Education (2009) and U-571 (2000). A t NAB 2013 True Lens Services will announce the completion of its Super Panchro conversion project that updates this most famous Cooke optic for use with new 4K digital camera systems. The full range of retro-fitted lenses will be revealed for the first time Las Vegas. The iconic Cooke Speed Panchro lenses re-defined film-making, steering the industry through decades of movie production. Renowned as the optic that documented the first conquest of Everest and as the lens that shot Spartacus, Speed Panchros However, while the glass still delivers beautiful results, the mechanism and mount are outmoded and poorly matched with a Red, Arri or Sony digital cinema cameras. To bring the Cooke Speed Panchros up to modern day specification, British specialist True Lens Service has re-engineered lenses with a cam form focus drive, a new durable housing with double sided scales and standard 110mm front diameter to accept filters, adapters and a matte box. The look and feel is now identical to a modern PL mount cinema lens: the brass, aluminium, and stainless steel construction is robust while the smooth and precise action gives users complete and smooth control over the focus and iris rings. Featuring new rings, the re- engineered units are designed to work with focus and iris motor drives, follow focus units, and remote servo drives. This allows DOPs to use the lenses with all the latest grip and accessories. 22 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 22 11/03/2013 17:29