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WORLD NEWS Video on demand on Windows 8 4 Investing in 4K Sony cameras Procam TV, the UKs largest broadcast hire facility, kicks of 2013 strongly by announcing  a £500,000 investment in  Sony’s new 4K cameras the largest single transaction of its kind in the broadcast hire industry.    Procam will be among the first broadcast hire companies in the UK and Europe to take stock of Sony’s highly anticipated professional cameras, the CineAlta 4K Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 cameras.  With 4K being considered the new evolution in TV technology, the significant investment by Procam will give its customer base access to the latest technology and meet the growing demand for 4K content.    oD, the video on demand service of Channel 4, is now available on a variety of devices running Windows 8, with a new app developed by KIT digital. Channel 4 returned to KIT digital for this project because of their close relationship, including development of the 4OD entertainment app for Xbox 360, which won an IBC2012 Innovation Award. Channel 4 commissioned KIT digital for its experience and knowledge of the 4oD architecture to develop the new app, which was the first UK VOD app to be made available on Windows 8. Hit the road for Sky Sports O utside broadcast, satellite uplink and product design specialist SIS LIVE announces the deployment of its new 1.8m vehicle mounted antenna DriveForce®. DriveForce delivers high bandwidth transmissions with the ability to transmit at any location including those, like links golf courses, where exceptionally windy conditions prevail.  SIS LIVE is currently operating a new dedicated DriveForce SNG truck for Sky and has launched an additional 6 DriveForce vehicles to support Sky Sports News and other news and sport customers. The DriveForce system has already received tremendous feedback from operators and clients. Calrec showcase at BVE At BVE, Calrec Audio Ltd showcased its latest software releases on the Apollo and Artemis console lines. The new releases bring more power to the user’s fingertips and even more flexibility to the current metering system. Any signal can be metered whether it be an external source or an internal desk resource. Users can also decide where in the signal chain they want to place the meter and where they want to PFL. BVE was also the U.K. launch of Calrec’s Automixer. Up to eight automatic mic mixers can be deployed to reduce coloration and ensure a consistent output level in scenarios with unpredictable audio content. 16 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 16 11/03/2013 16:51