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Color grading support on Call of Duty: Black Ops II B lackmagic Design has announced its DaVinci Resolve color correction software was used for color grading on Activision Publishing, Inc.’s record setting blockbuster Call of Duty®: Black Ops II.  Dedicated specifically to offering color grading and other high end post production services for the gaming industry, post house Company 3 worked with Activisions award winning game developer, Treyarch, throughout the color grading process on the blockbuster title. Blackmagic Designs Resolve software was used in combination with Company 3 Games’ proprietary technology in concert with Treyarch to deliver feature film quality grading. Launching Vision blue3 V inten® has announced the much anticipated third pan and tilt head of its renowned Vision blue range. The Vision blue3, developed for today’s intermediate weight 1/3 chip camcorders and highly accessorised lightweight DSLRs, means users can now select the perfect head to match their application across a wider range of payloads. The new Vision blue3 balances payloads of between 3.0 - 6.6kg (6.6 14.6lbs) and sits between the original Vision blue, (payload range 2.1 5kg/4.6 11lbs), and the recently launched Vision blue5 (payload range 5.5 12kg/12.1lb to 26.5lb). The latest addition to the Vision blue range means that Vinten supports deployments that span traditional broadcast cameras as well as lightweight camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video. New American distribution Polecam Ltd recently announced that they have signed a contract with TECADS INC in the USA to become Master Distributor for Polecam in North and South America. Perry Drogo, president of TECADS INC said “We are proud to announce a new additional line to our family of production products. Polecam will available to all our resellers in North, South, and Central America. Our network of rental companies, brick & mortar dealers, independent operators and studios all can take advantage of this well- developed compact rig system and accessories. Our mission is to bring this product to all industries, from broadcast on air events to medical theatre staging, from movie shoots to extreme sports, live concerts either in 2D or 3D. This new generation of Polecam products fits well with today’s needs to find and capture the creative element and to raise production values in the process.” 14 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY075MAR13.indd 14 11/03/2013 16:51