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WORLD NEWS Sending hot technology to the Antarctic S ir Ranulph Fiennes’ team crossing the south polar region is being equipped with the latest portable production and post production by European distributor, Holdan. On 6th December, the vessel SA Agulhas set sail from London at the start of the world’s first attempt to cross the Antarctic in winter. A 6-man team lead by Sir Ranulph Fiennes will undertake the 2000 mile trek across the continent, facing temperatures as low as -90c and near permanent darkness. Keeping a documentary record of the crossing and broadcasting from this ultimate remote location is challenging to say the least: keeping packs light was a primary consideration but the crew also had to be sure that the kit could operate to true broadcast standard. To help the team film in these extreme low-light conditions the team has opted for 6 Datavision LEDGO-B150 mini LED video lights which can be mounted on cameras and portable stands. Tristam Kaye (Expedition Operations Manager) said: “These lights are a perfect addition to our Panasonic HPX250 handheld camcorders. They are incredibly bright for their size and weight and use the same batteries as the P2 cameras. They can even be slotted together to create a brighter source.” The video footage taken on the expedition will be edited on site in Grass Valley EDIUS 6.5 by the team. It will then be uploaded by satellite connection back to the UK to be shown on BBC News. Kaye continues: “EDIUS was the perfect choice for our ice team, as it can handle native P2 files from the broadcast HPX250 cameras as well as footage from Panasonic Lumix cameras and the GoPro’s that the expedition is taking. It’s also fast and intuitive to use, which is of the utmost importance given the conditions we’re working in.” Photo enclosed: From the left - Rob Lambert (Ice Team Doctor, Brian Newham (Traverse Manager) and Spencer Smirl (Ice team Mechanic) Extend your reach I f you are looking for something new this year to extend you reach over the competition you need look no further than the Hague K16DV Camcrane which is currently on special offer at just £488.00 ex vat in the January Sale at The K16DV is the longest in the Hague Camera Supports range and will allow the user to tower above 5m in height to get some wonderful crane shots. Designed for cameras up to 4.5kg in weight this crane is suitable for handheld camcorders, as well as DSLR cameras, and during the January Online Sale there is the opportunity to save just under £100 off the standard price. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 21 TV-BA073JAN13.indd 21 11/01/2013 14:17