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the glasses are far more acceptable and 3D enhances the audience experience. For events and ProAV, Doremi’s DSV-J2 benefits from digital cinema developments to provide high quality 2D and 3D playbacks suitable for large-screen venues. It features MPEG2 MXF and visually lossless JPEG-2000 MXF file playback for HD (1920×1080) and 2K (2048×1080). Widescreen 3D playback is achieved by sending a unique SDI stream to each of two projectors. There is also eight-channel audio (48 kHz, 24- bit), frame-accurate LTC output to synchronize external equipment and CineLister software for scheduling. Support equipment from Doremi includes the RAPID Mastering Station for high volume DCI-compliant TV-BAY072DEC12.indd 57 requirements. Also CineAsset is a complete software-based mastering suite. This increasingly popular solution can create and playback encrypted (Pro version) and unencrypted DCI- compliant packages from virtually any source – particularly useful for the ProAV and events markets where a wide range of source formats may be encountered. Dimension-3D is a universal 3D format converter from any 3D format (up to 2K) to any other. It also includes frame-rate conversion and can fit into virtually all stereoscopic workflows so any 3D input stream format can be used with all types of currently available displays, including high-end projectors and the latest generation of 3D-ready flat screens. Other applications include converting stereoscopic camera rig outputs for recorders and displays, and enabling double-stack 3D projection. For 3D test patterns Generation 3D has a pre- loaded 3D test pattern and accepts custom patterns via SD card. It can accommodate all 3D formats (side-by- side, dual stream, etc) and many video formats including 2K 24fps and 1080p up to 60 fps. Viewing well-made 3D can be spectacular but will always make extra demands on the viewer, who has to perceive image depth. Now the 3D experience on big screens is steadily improving with HFR now – see The Hobbit – and the prospect of brighter projection in the future. 07/12/2012 15:14