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performance. These documents describe the measurement methods and procedures for video monitors as well a more familiar terminology such as ‘Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3’. Here’s a brief list of the key parameters to consider when comparing picture monitors. • REC709 colour compliant • Recalibration facility • No motion artefacts • No screen picture delay • Wide viewing angles It is very difficult to assess a picture monitor from a manufacturer’s product information but by at least ensuring that these factors are the best they can be it will help to ensure the interchangeability of pictures across the industry. performance of broadcast picture monitors. EBU Tech 3325 is titled Methods for the measurement of the performance of Studio Monitors and EBU TECH 3320 refers to the requirements for video monitors whilst EBU TECH 3293 sets out the methods of measurement of colourmetric Finally, having established that a potential new monitor meets the appropriate colour and performance criteria it is then important to give some thought to the ‘in service’ considerations. Just like the handling of your car changes with tyre wear then so does your monitors’ colourimetry and it will be necessary to adjust the monitor after a period of time. Being able to recalibrate a monitor is fundamentally important as different manufacturers’ monitors ‘drift’ at different rates, some very quickly and literally in a few months. Some technologies such as OLED are inherently unstable and degradation of the OLED substrate can not be corrected and thus you have to accept that its life will be dramatically shorter than an equivalent LCD based screen. LCDs can be adjusted so that their colour reproduction is maximised and certain manufacturers such as Penta, from Bavaria, provide automatic recalibration tools that remap the colour characteristics in their monitors that ensure that they perform to REC709 international colour standards. In summary, whether it be a standard monitor or a 3D broadcast display, let’s get it right and by adopting the international standards described above we will ensure this visual industry remains at the forefront of entertainment. Season’s greetings from everyone at Hawk-Woods Blackmagic Cine Power Adaptors NP1 Batteries, Adaptors and Chargers DV Link Battery System Mini-DV Batteries, Chargers & Adaptors Canon C300 & 5D/7D Power Adaptors V-Lok Batteries, Chargers and Adaptors Apple Mac Powering Solutions X-Boxx High Power Battery Boxes Cables, Plugs & Leads Reel-Power Phantom & Alexa Battery System Tel: +44 (0)1233 638715 | Fax: +44 (0)1233 638747 | Email: TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 47