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3D Some Sceptical Some Fanatical... Courtesy of BSkyB This month we had an exclusive opportunity to talk to Cara Cheeseman, Post Production Supervisor for all 3D content, both internally and externally, at BSkyB. The 18 questions are gathered from a variety of industry professionals with an interest, some sceptical and some fanatical, in 3D When it comes to 3D conversion... creating 3D images from 2D source material, is there acceptable methods? Acceptable equipment? Ask the experts with Cara Cheeseman Currently there is no one system which can show consistent, high quality conversion or indeed cost effective alternative to natively shooting 3D. There are many automated systems but none of them can provide results that we are currently willing to accept (we have high standards and for good reason). Everyone is looking for ways to automate this process but, at the minute, there’s no getting around hiring lots of VFX artists and getting stuck in with compositing techniques like rotoscoping, matte painting, camera projection, etc. We routinely test new hardware, software and put new theories through their paces however at this moment in time, in my opinion, nothing gives you the 3D experience like well shot, native 3D. In real life, stereoscopic vision is taken so much for granted that most people are largely unaware of it until their attention is drawn specifically to it. Does the same apply to 3D television viewing - the 3D effect fading during the course of a programme? If so, is 3D not perhaps overkill? That is assuming that the ‘3D’ stays consistent. Often different scenes or shots are changed to make them more or less ‘3D’ and it can then be used as a story- telling device or to visually enhance what you’re watching. The 3D effect is also dependant on subject matter. For example if you watch boxing, football or darts in 3D, which have all proved extremely successful and have delivered good viewing figures and even an action sequence in a film, you’ll certainly notice it there and often be offering something extra that watching it in 2D/HD doesn’t. It’s there to improve the experience without stealing your attention away from everything else, people are often under the impression that 3D has to come out of the screen and grab you by the throat, but I believe to truly be an “experience” 3D should be largely subconscious. A colour grade or a good sound mix is essential to every film and 38 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY072DEC12.indd 38 07/12/2012 15:14