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World NEWS recording artists and was also heavily involved in the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Mr Jin used two DPA d:facto Vocal Microphones for the singers and also specified them for the judges when they sang with their teams. Helping China find its voice D PA Microphones new hand held d:facto Vocal Microphone made its debut on Chinese television this summer when it was used extensively during the production of The Voice of China, a show produced and screened by Zhejiang Satellite TV that topped the nationwide ratings. Based on the same concept as NBC’s The Voice, the Chinese show featured four judges coaches who used blind auditions to identify teams of singers they wanted to work with during the series. The prize for the winning artist, Liang Bo, was a recording contract. Heading up sound production for the show was Mr Jin Shao Gang, a famous sound designer and one of Chinas most important sound engineers. During an extensive and illustrious career, Mr Jin has worked with many of the countrys top He says: I knew that DPA microphones were among the best in The World so I was very keen to try the new d:facto microphone. We tested two d:facto capsules with our Wisycom wireless systems and I was so satisfied with the results that I decided to use them for this show. The sound quality was exceptional clean, natural and with splendid high frequency response and awesome ambient noise restriction. I was very happy with their performance. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 15 TV-BAY072DEC12.indd 15 07/12/2012 15:13