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skills. Instead of having to write scripts for the creation of logical expressions, this graphical interface provides a touch and feel that is similar to Visio and the graphical programming language LabView. Performance Tests have shown that 300 OIDs per second can be polled via LAN without any loss of computing performance. There are no limits for setting up monitors, controls, summary alarms, logical expressions or device elements. The web-based frontend allows local or remote operation of the application. High degree of flexibility Expression engine Interface between SNMP manager, web GUI and SNMP agent for executing logical expressions Dashboard Indicates connection to devices Key features The application is fully customizable. All parameters can be set to meet specific requirements, e.g. the frequency with which object identifiers (OID) are to be polled or the definition of the device box that is to appear on the web GUI. Remote monitoring and control of R&S®TS4570 systems SNMP manager Hardware- and vendor-independent Provides overview and status information of the linked equipment Support for SNMP versions 1 and 2 Required hardware Support for parallel contact-based equipment Dual-core PC with Windows XP, 2 Gbyte RAM. Special interfaces have been developed to support a customized controller. As a result, the hard disk condition can be monitored and a watchdog timer maintained. To monitor simple contacts of switches and cooling systems, for example, an industrial I/O system can be offered. Web browser based front-end (GUI) Wide application spectrum The solution is vendor-independent and can be used as a centralized network management system or for monitoring equipment at a specific site, per multiplex, or per region. It is possible to create autonomous control logic to switch over transmitters, antennas or transport streams when faults are detected. Including mimic diagrams, user controls and event log viewer SNMP agent Interface to network monitoring applications Generation of SNMP notifications Labels 'System abnormal' System abnormal MUX feed 1 ASI chain A SIM A Device box 'TX system' with status indication (green, amber or red) RF output fail ASI switch A Output TS normal SI feed 1 Group boxes TX system Input feeds MUX feed 2 O/P mon ASI mon Transmitter ASI chain B SIM B Output monitor ASI switch B Signal port with status indication (green, amber or red) Dynamic signal paths SI feed 2 TXA -> main antenna R&S®DVM400 Local mute OFF Misc ASI DA UPS Controller TX cooling TX AC-A TX AC-B FSU Telemetry Example of a mimic diagram of the web GUI TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 65 TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 65 06/11/2012 18:10