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WORLD NEWS New resellers in Europe and the Americas Object Matrix, the leading developer of resilient nearline archive solutions for video workflows, have announced the addition of reseller partners with the appointment of several new partners across Europe, South and North America. Following another very successful IBC show in Amsterdam which saw the launch of the MatrixStore Quattro, Object Matrix is being targeted by both resellers and end users looking for proven, cost effective nearline solutions for their file based workflows. The appointment of these partners re-asserts Object Matrixs intention to build relationships with key suppliers in new territories, but above all, highlights that organisations, such as major broadcasters, studios and post-production companies, increasingly require scalable near- line solutions which complement their existing infrastructure. Adding photorealism to broadcast graphics O rad has once again raised the bar in broadcast graphics production with its new Material Shaders package. Material Shaders let designers quickly add effects to Orad 3Designer-created graphic objects. The Material Shaders affect the surface appearance of an object to create looks that typically cannot be achieved with real-time graphics systems or 3Designer animation/texturing tools. With the new Material Shaders, photorealistic surfaces can be created without the need to invest time in texturing in external modelling applications. They can be added to graphic objects in real time, making them ideal for fast-paced broadcast graphics production environments. Shaders are divided into several material categories, such as bricks, ceramics, glass, metallic, mosaics, plastics, stones and wood, providing designers over 100 different material elements to work with. Accelerating professional applications T he PNY NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000 GPU takes advantage of latest NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture to provide the world’s most compatible and power efficient GPU for accelerating professional applications. You get greater levels of interaction when designing with the most complex models, richer scene details and effects for content creation, and delivering faster results. Plus, the Quadro K5000 features a wide range of innovative features. These include SMX for increased per-clock throughput of key graphics operations, bindless textures enabling the GPU to reference textures directly in memory, and support for up to four displays natively for driving large-scale visualization solutions. TOP 10 IBC MOST VIEWED INTERVIEW AWARDS ON PAGE 30 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 6 06/11/2012 18:09