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in the four corner channels and to place the announcer in the centre front. A high level of ambient sound is desirable to convey the excitement of being there. However the levels of ambient sound and voice-over dialog must be balanced to maintain intelligibility at all times. Mix engineers have traditionally used the console level meters to insure that the mix meets relevant delivery specs. Level meters are generally a poor representation of audio loudness and the need to interpret multiple meters puts additional strain on the mix engineer. The patent pending dialog balance display is a measurement of CF channel loudness relative to the total loudness of the remaining program channels, gated based on the presence of signal in the CF channel. It can be used directly or a limit threshold can be defined allowing the engineer to ignore the meter and depend on his ears until problems occur in the mix. This is only available ew from N with the Qualis Audio Sentinel from Hamlet. The Sentinel is best summarized as an electronic listener who reports judgments over a network connection. It measures loudness, down-mix compatibility, intelligibility, levels, balance, hum, metadata and other relevant parameters although it can display results graphically in a standard browser window, it doesn’t need to. All measurements create numeric results which can automatically be compared to desired performance limits and generate alarms if signals fall outside user selected boundaries. This allows the Sentinel to function equally well as an unattended monitor, reducing personnel requirements, or as an assist to a skilled operator, allowing attention to be put on other tasks besides detecting common audio errors. Figure 3 Dialog Balance assessment A portion of the Sentinel UI displaying loudness, intelligibility, channel balance, down-mix compatibility and spectrum. LVM-174W & XVM-175W 17” Rack-mount Monitor perfect for Galleries and OB Trucks 17” Full HD Reference Monitor for Colour-Critical Work The LVM-174W is a completely new 17" monitor designed to fit into a 19” rack column using only 6RU of space. Cost effective yet offering great performance, the LVM-174W is the perfect choice for control rooms and OB vehicles. With a full resolution 10-bit IPS panel and proven LED matrix backlight, the new XVM-175W is suited to the most demanding colour-critical applications. Using TV-Logic's advanced video processing engine and unique colour calibration technology, the XVM-175W is a state-of-the-art reference monitor for professionals. Product Highlights LVM-174W Product Highlights XVM-175W 17” 1366x768 (16:9) Resolution 17” 1920x1080(16:9) Resolution Matte Finish Panel High-Purity Precision RGB Matrix LED backlight array Built-in waveform / vectorscope Matte Finish Panel Safe Area Markers/User aspect TOP RESELLER 3D & Custom LUTs Timecode/Closed Caption Decode Timecode/Audio de-embed display AWARD 2012 UMD support. Built-in waveform / vector scope Rack Mount built-in UMD support. 6RU rack height Pyser-SGI Limited Fircroft Way, Edenbridge, Kent, United Kingdom, TN8 6HA Tel: +44 (0)1732 864111 Fax: +44 (0)1732 865544 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 57 TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 57 06/11/2012 18:10