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good enough. For this reason, the highest value shoots typically rely on cabled monitors. Inconvenient though that may be, the image quality and immediacy of the video feed is essential. Extreme WiFi monitoring Long distance video monitoring and sending systems rarely mean truly ‘long distance’. Unless employing expensive fibre cable extending a live video feed over more than 100m is beyond most technology. Newcomer IntraTec has solved the problem with its new Bridge solution that it dubs ‘Ethernet without the wire’. While devices like Teradek’s Cube can send HD video at up-to 10MB/s using its native WiFi transmitter, distributing the encoded stream via the IntraTec Bridge or its Bridge Duo changes the equation somewhat. Bridge can transmit over distances as great as 250 metres, with a second Bridge unit receiving the signal. Switching to a pair of IntraTec Bridge Duo appliances and low-cost optional 19dB panel antennas and the wireless signal can span several kilometres. For monitoring or web-quality streaming, Cube is the perfect partner; for higher bitrate and very low latency Picture courtesy of F Stop Academy encoding, Optibase’s new MGW encoders deliver top quality rates from a tough pocket-sized device. Adam Levitt, developer at IntraTec states: “We’ve had a lot of interest from aerial photography platforms and from sea-going yachts for boat to shore monitoring. We think these systems will be just as appealing with natural history units and extreme sports producers.” Moving up a gear: Full HD monitoring Monitoring HD video encoded to H.264 can be of excellent quality. However, for productions crews that need to monitor the nuances and subtleties of lighting, depth of focus and shadow detail, monitoring using compressed signals may not be At IBC 2012 Teradek launched Bolt, a wireless video sender that maintains the 4:2:2 colour space and relays feeds from the camera’s SDI output uncompressed. The signal is received by a second Bolt device with virtually zero delay. “While our Cube encoder is very popular and changed the landscape for video assist and Internet streaming, there has always been a small niche that we didn’t serve; those that truly need zero delay systems such as the 1st assistant,” explained Nicol Verheem of Teradek. Transmitting full 1080p over distances of up-to 100 metres, this solution combines low cost with high performance. Its ability to transmit to up-to 256 receivers makes it an ideal tool for the entire crew. Marshall Modular range Available through TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 47 TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 47 06/11/2012 18:09