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left and right images via the filter. Then you are in ‘the zone’. Such modern 3DTV screens typically offer a number of zones, so that several people can watch at the same time... as long as they sit still! There are two recognised challenges to this. One is that people actually do want to move around. The other is that there needs to be a powerful engine to process the left and right channels of the input S3D video so that each zone shows the correct 3D image. The former problem can be solved by tracking viewers’ faces – I guess lifting established technology from the consumer digital camera market. That tracking data is sent to the ‘engine’ to effectively adjust the angle of the zone, so viewers can move around and the zone moves with them. Fraunhofer was showing its lab version of such a set-up that seemed to work pretty well. Indeed this looked to me very like what is offered in that Toshiba set. However the point of this research is to perfect the 3D processing engine and then reproduce it as a chip – saving size, power consumption and, hopefully reducing cost, while delivering superb 3D viewing. This is definitely one to watch! The technologies used in the 3D scene-to-screen chain have rapidly evolved in recent years – and it’s still happening. The prospect of good, affordable glasses-free TV screens is only one of many technologies that are aimed at improving the 3D experience which, for too long, has had to ride on the back of established technologies. A root-and-branch overhaul is needed to enable a far better 3D audience experience. For example, TV-Bay editor Simon Tillyer was obviously wowed by the showing of “Hugo” at the IBC auditorium (see next issue). This used Christie’s laser projection technology to deliver much brighter images of this very well made 3D movie. So watching 3D really can be a great experience and it may well be a powerful driver for further technical developments and deployments, such as high frame rate and bigger pictures (4K) to wow more audiences. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 35 TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 35 06/11/2012 18:09