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with Christmas tree lights that emanate a spectrum that bears no relation to the light quality serious image makers need to create professional compelling images. All in all, this is a great “Must Have” lighting tool that is a made to last finished and polished product, that is streets ahead of the competition and importantly creates a beautiful quality of light. But then again, what else would you expect from Kinoflo! Jonathan Harrison. (D.o.P. & Specialist Lighting Consultant.) Verdict I feel this is an essential lamp not only for feature and commercial work where it will surely find a home but also for News and Documentary Cameramen as it allows shooting anywhere at any time with any colour temperature (dawn to dusk and into the night).  In my opinion that is not possible with this quality of light with anything else in its class at the moment. This is a breakthrough product standing out in a world full of badly conceived circuit boards populated TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 67