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Debut of 1x1 LS L itepanels® unveilled the 1x1 LS, the newest fixture in their 1x1 LED Panel Series, at IBC this year. The Litepanels 1x1 LS offers many of the features found in the popular 1x1 Mono panel fixtures, but at an entry-level price. The 1x1 LS maintains the same high quality, full spectrum soft light as Litepanels other 1x1 LED panel fixtures while removing the more studio-specific components to focus on the needs of location productions. Not only is the 1x1 LS compatible with all other 1x1 units, including use of the same accessories, gels and travel cases, but it retains many of the other trademark Litepanels characteristics such as low power draw (45 Watts) and Cool to the Touch heat-free Double the magic H awk-Woods have unveiled their new on-board power adaptor for the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. Developed in association with James Tonkin of Hangman Studios; the Hawk-Woods adaptor has the ability to more than double the standard run-time of the camera whilst remaining compact, simple to use and quick to set up. The Hawk-Woods DV-BMS uses the popular DV-F970 high discharge rate battery and steps- up the output to the cameras required 12v. Tests have shown an increase in run-time from around 90 to over 200 minutes. This is the first in a range of powering options currently being 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE developed by Hawk-Woods for the Blackmagic Camera and is expected to appeal to those who are looking to capture live, mobile action (such as sports or music events) and increase the available run-time of the camera without limiting the cameras mobility. operation. Light output by the 1x1 LS is flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle and dims from 100% to 0 without color shift. Available in daylight balanced flood (50° beam) or spot (30° beam), the 1x1 LS can be powered by an included AC adapter or by any Gold Mount or V-Mount professional battery so you can light anywhere and shoot everywhere. Integrated production workflows T o emphasise the flexibility of its asset management, browse and desktop solutions, IPV demonstrated its integration with Harmonics video server and storage solutions at IBC2012 on the Harmonic Inc. booth. As well as showing the industry- standard IPV SpectreView serving proxies ingested by a Harmonic Spectrum server and transferred to an Omneon® MediaGrid shared storage system, the demonstration showcased smooth desktop editing using IPVs tight integration with Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro.