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Alex Fine My name is Alex Fine, I’ve been studying at Ravensbourne university for 3 years already. My first year was a Foundation Diploma in Lens Based Media, and the next two were a foundation degree in Digital- Film Production. I am now entering my 3rd and final year to complete was is to become a BA (Hons) in Production. Over my time at Ravensbourne I have developed a keen interest in Cinematography, particularly time-lapse, and now I do my best to incorporate this into whatever work I may do, from dramas and corporate videos down to non-narrative small time- lapse segments. This transcends to my other hobby which is Photography, which I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. I take pictures on film sets and strive to do as much travel photography as I can, being a keen fan of National Geographic, I am keen to go in this direction, Agriculture documentary and photography. Over my time spent at university I’ve taken on rolls Directing, Producing, Alice Chant My name is Alice Chant and I attended Plymouth College of Art at the age of 16, where my desire to work in the Film industry began. After studying a Foundation in Art and Design, I then enrolled in a two year National Diploma in Media. The exceptional lecturers there taught me a variety of skills and disciplines and gave me excellent academic teaching that awakened my desire to learn. The insightful learning experience inspired me to go to University to further my knowledge and skills. With distinction grades, I received five offers from different Universities across the country, all based around the same subject of Film. Ravensbourne, was the main contender as its reputation, opportunities and direct connections within the Film and Television industry is highly noted, therefore being the obvious choice as I was serious about my future career. I began my Foundation Degree in Digital Film Production in the Autumn of 2010 with an open mind to what area I would specialise in. My two years were jam- Operating different types of camera, (Mainly Canon DSLR, and occasionally RED) and being a Cinematographer, which I would like to take up in a larger capacity later on after university in feature film. My most recent exploits involve an internship at ‘Content is King’ for two weeks, giving me an insight in to more professional corporate work. Previous to that I worked for the Olympic Broadcasting Service as a camera assistant, similar to many of my peers, giving me a look into the world of broadcasting, which is something I hadn’t experienced until then in any serious capacity. I also worked on some small drama’s outside of university for small companies, the most memorable one being ‘PERSONA’, an exclusively smart phone based drama, working first as a camera assistant, then moving onto Cinematographer on a later episode. Over the final year at Ravensbourne I will be looking to develop my skills in working creatively as a Director and a Writer on drama and documentary, and working creatively with light and camera’s as a Cinematographer. packed full of practical and instructional teaching from lecturers with many years of experience working in the media business. The contacts and opportunities throughout the course brought me experiences that I could only dream of. One of my personal highlights, was having my first directorial piece chosen by LOCOG to feature on the big screens in the stadiums during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The success of this helped me to discover my personal skills as a Director and it has inspired me to venture down this avenue. The connections of Ravensbourne with the Olympic Broadcasting Service, also gave me the exciting opportunity to work as an Audio Assistant on the sailing events in Weymouth during the Olympic Games. This learning experience would be one that I will always treasure and was completely unique to our generation, of which I am very proud to be a part of. Now, in October 2012, as I start my BA Production course, I am hoping to deepen my abilities and proficiency of Directing and Producing single camera- based pieces, and also broaden my knowledge of live television. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 49