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optimisation, etc) and cost-saving design and support for cloud business models. This sounds like another cloud-based collaborative workflow, and may well be typical of the current thinking of many others in the industry. In fact there were quiet a few companies doing the same thing – adding the cloud into their stands’ graphics. This gave me the distinct feeling that it was a ploy to show they could offer cloud-based applications, and so be ‘with-it’ as part of the cloud trend. Two years ago that would have been ‘3D’ but, whereas I’m sure cloud-based applications will rapidly expand to become commonplace in our industry, 3D will be on the back burner for television, but more popular in cinema. While great things were happening at IBC, the rest of the industry was still busy. It is reported that Harmonic has teamed up with Nagra, of content protection and multiscreen television solutions fame, to power a cloud- based OTT video service. This is for broadcasters and pay-TV service providers and offered jointly by Spain’s Abertis Telecom and Nagra. The multiscreen hosting service is already in use by Spanish broadcasters for their HbbTV-based services. It is set to be enhanced and become the world’s first commercial deployment of MPEG-DASH, the adaptive streaming protocol that was a hot topic at IBC and supports multiple DRM systems. Harmonic’s ProMedia suite and Nagra MediaLive Multiscreen solution provide the cloud service with an integrated video infrastructure that can deliver high-quality OTT applications, including live VOD and time-shifting to TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones, set- 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE top boxes and other IP-connected devices. At IBC I did take the opportunity to talk to a company that runs data centres. After a few minutes of well- presented information my head was spinning. There was so much new nomenclature and a different mindset that I soon got lost. Data centres are where the cloud information will probably be stored and I thought it would be a good idea to get a grasp of what these are. Although this was a failure it helped too, as I then had an even greater respect for the guys who design and provide easy-to- use front ends for us mortals to use the cloud in ways that fit with our particular needs... and abilities.