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CONTENTS ISSUE: 70 OCTOBER 2012 FEATURES SECURITY & PROTECTION 44 Addressing the problem of kit transportation 50 A showcase of the latest bags to protect your kit 52 The semantic web made simple 56 60 Asset security technology is proven and ready – but choose with care Understanding and managing piracy 70 NEWS REGULARS 36 Will gives out the “unofficial” IBC camera innovation awards 38 With no big fanfare Bob looks at cloud based services at IBC 42 Are your waveforms of the wibbly wobbly variety? Robin can help. 46 Peter looks at how and when to diversify your business 48 Introducing the “Ravensbourne 3” the class of 2013 98 Dick looks for the social geek amongst us 6 Industry news To catch up with all the news from all the papers watch our monthly live chat show at on 17th October 7pm. Follow @broadcastshow Read the full news at and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter SECURITY & PROTECTION Nick Allen-Miles Alex, Ruth, Alice Dave Cole Tony Taylor Page 44 Page 48 Page 52 Page 56 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE