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Tuning up to break speed barrier RadiantGrid(TM) recently announced several barrier- breaking enhancements to its enterprise-class suite of media transformation tools. Since the company’s recent acquisition by Wohler Technologies, RadiantGrid’s New Media Automation platform has been extended to offer even higher performance, delivering both speed and quality that exceed current industry norms. “We have been diligently engaged in engineering innovations that reinforce the RadiantGrid platform as the world’s fastest and most versatile solution for media transformation,” said Kirk Marple, chief software architect for Wohler RadiantGrid. “We’ve not only implemented support of both CUDA GPU and Intel’s QSV GPU capabilities for accelerating TrueGrid(TM) processing of H.264 essences, but also partnered closely with Cinnafilm(R) to enhance fully gridded support for the RadiantGrid/Cinnafilm product lines.” “The RadiantGrid platform already supports rapid production workflows at leading broadcast and sports content creation facilities. With these latest enhancements, we can now offer the industry’s fastest and most efficient solution for transcoding combined with standards conversion, cadence analysis and correction, content quality, and texture management,” said Don Bird, chief marketing officer at Wohler. Ready to shoot kits for cinema camera A RRI, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional motion picture equipment, has introduced Ready to Shoot Kits for Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Kits from the ARRI Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) line are built for a wide variety of users, situations and environments. Stable and reliable OB truck depends on Trilogy timing Probably the largest single exhibit at IBC was the new ATM HD2 OB Truck on Sony’s Outdoor Exhibition stand. Trilogy Broadcast provided a critical element of its technology: the reference timing for both linear video and audio and for the IP networks for its file-based storage. Built by coachbuilder Autokontener, and the broadcast equipment supplied and integrated by 4Vision on behalf of Polish production company ATM, the designers of the truck specified Trilogy Mentor XL as the only SPG to support 1080p.  This product with a full complement of options, including GPS locking, dual redundant power supplies and the Watchdog seamless changeover unit, ensures the reference timing is highly resilient. The truck is designed to support SD, HD and 3Gb/s production, and the Mentor XL provides all timing references required for every standard, including four independently timed tri-level sync signals allowing the truck to be able to work in multiple HD formats simultaneously. 20 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE support systems, sturdy connections and quality engineering allow DPs to stay prepared and tackle a range of workflows in dynamic shooting environments. Starting at $1200, all Blackmagic Cinema Camera kits include ARRIs Mini Base Plate MBP-3 and Camera Cage System, offering a non obstructive solution for the mounting of accessories through industry standard 3/8-16” and 1/4-20” interfaces, as well as a Universal Cable Safe System CCS- 1, which protects internal electronics against accidental stress when using HDMI, USB or audio cables.