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Powering first live public trial of MPEG-DASH W owza Media Systems LLC, the “Any Screen Done Right(R)” media server software company and member of the DASH Promoters Group, provided its Wowza Media Server(R) software for the first live public trial of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) during the London Games. In this trial, Wowza Media Server software enabled multiscreen content delivery to Android(TM) and iOS devices via the MPEG-DASH standard. This marked the first large- scale, multivendor deployment of MPEG-DASH. Going for a spin on Tornado Hunt 2012 W hen The Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt 2012 kicked off its fourth year of providing a live multi- platform experience that submerges viewers into the heart of Tornado Alley, Sound Devices 302 portable field mixer was on hand to capture all of the heart-pounding, intense storm audio. Returning for another season, Lead Meteorologist Mike Bettes and an expert team of storm chasers once again embarked on a journey to capture tornadoes live on air as well as online. Sound Devices 302 was used in Bettes vehicle, aka The Bettes Mobile, to handle on-air audio for the live broadcasts originating from inside it. In addition, The Bettes Mobile was equipped with four vehicle-mounted HD cameras, which provided views of the on-camera talent broadcasting from the front passenger seat, forward-facing dash-cam point of views of the producer/driver and a rear-facing backseat camera, which allowed an additional meteorologist to participate. Another enhancement to this year’s vehicle platform, an HD switcher with local control, was added. It enabled the on-camera talent to switch between any of the four cameras during live shots. The MPEG-DASH trial was conducted for the duration of the London Games through select partners. For more information scan: Standardising audio confidence monitoring NEP Visions, one of the world’s leading outside broadcast service providers, has selected the PAM2 3G16 Audio Monitoring unit from TSL Professional Products Ltd., a leading manufacturer of audio monitoring, tally and power management solutions for the broadcast industry, as its standard solution for audio confidence monitoring across its fleet of 10 advanced OB trucks. 08 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE